It’s a tank battle for the ages – Let’s compare the Macharius Vulcan vs the Crimson Fists Rules, New White Dwarf, Vostroyans Return & More!. Macharius tank rules – posted in + ASTRA MILITARUM +: Hey all I was wondering I love he look of the double barrel vanquisher thanks guys. It’s between Magnus and the Macharius Vulcan for me. Consider reading this article by u/MagicJuggler about rules lawyering, and.

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Secondary fire comes in the form of a hull-mounted twin-linked Heavy Stubber and two sponson-mounted Heavy Stubbers, although the latter can be switched out for Heavy Flamers or Heavy Bolters.

Main Weapons against vlcan If you already have an account, login here – otherwise create an account for free today! Is that also feasible?

For when you need 2s to kill space marines. Not worth points. Macharius Heavy Tank vs. Really excited to give them a shot. It is a cheap way to add a double shot vulcan mega bolter to the army. This page was last modified on 23 Augustat No adverts like this in the forums anymore. I dont have experience with it, but 30 shots isn’t as impressive as it sounds.

mwcharius Community Forum Discord Server. I got Vraks, its got the rules bar the guns, which just shows how sometimes FW doesnt check its ruleset to make sure everything is there that should be there.

40K: Stormlord vs Macharius: Vulcan Edition – Bell of Lost Souls

Even though the Malcador has that sweet ass twin-linked Lascannons, its unreliable engine, underwhelming armor, lack of a proper turret and disappointing side weaponry means that pound for pound, the Macharius Vanquisher offers more bang for your buck without the hassle of being immobilized because of reasons.


Edited by Mitchverr, 04 February – Going to dispute these two points. Depends on what kind of army you’d like. It’s between Magnus and the Macharius Vulcan for me.

Malcador is also an interesting alternative LoW in my view. The stormlord is however a better purchase usually as the extra toughness, transport capacity, and the ability to shoot multiple targets are well worth the extra points.

What’s the best way to deal with Tau Stormsurges? That’s quite alot of work to end up “about even” in machariux. And he’s an amazing force multiplier on top of that. You currently have javascript disabled. I have two Machaarius Infernii – they’re helpful “interceptor vehicles” – I used them to support larger tanks or a larger group of tanks if I hit my head and forgot to bring other superheavies to good effect.

I, on the other hand, truly know no fear. Want to add to the discussion? Blood Angels, and World Eaters. Despite these failings it rulea still a powerful heavy tank and a whole load more useful than that silly looking Malcador; vulccan reiterate what has been said before, the Macharius carries a very thick frontal armor and twin synchronized Battle Cannons in its main turret. I just bought 11 bikes from ramshackle games so debating how to model the 11th bike.

In the mythic past it is known that the Imperial Army once fielded many types of heavy tanks during the Great Crusade, though the knowledge of their design, construction and even the name of some of these tanks has likely been lost. So in effect the Macharius Vanquisher is more of an honest-to-Emprah heavy Main Battle Tank than the regular Macharius; capable of engaging any enemy on the ground effectively and is damn hard to kill. One other consideration to make is how easy it is to get a hold of these models.


Against T7, 15 hit, 5 wound, and make it through for 6 or 8 damage. The process of approval took nearly two hundred Terran years and Nalax himself did not live to see the outcome.

The Death Korps can and does produce armoured regiments, but the infantry and artillery formations are the heart and soul of the Korps, so favouring infantry over vehicles is definitely feasible. WarhammerCompetitive submitted 1 year ago by N0rrinRadd. But it is fun to roll all those dice as stated before some rerolls would be really nice.

Macharius Vanquisher

Subscribe to Our Free Newsletter. Aenarian Dakka Veteran Stockholm. While rarer and harder to manufacture than battle cannons, they are capable of using special anti-tank shells in addition to normal munitions. Able to carry only twenty seconds worth of continuous fire, machatius crews will fill the tank’s stowage bin with extra ammunition and strap on additional ammunition crates to the hull.

Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. The Valdor is obviously the best one against vehicles due to both higher damage and the -1 to BSbut it is not as flexible and it does worse against monsters.

At least 10 hobby shops within 30 miles, and I’ve been to more events over the years that I can count. The process took two hundred years of careful study and consultation with other forge worlds before acceptance was given and Lucius sanctioned to macharis production, though Nalax machaius not live to see his dream realized.