Das postmoderne Wissen by Jean-Francois Lyotard, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Das postmoderne Wissen. Ein Bericht. Jean-François Lyotard. Table of Contents. Is this table of contents incomplete? Click here to add the missing references. Das postmoderne Wissen by Jean-François Lyotard at – ISBN 10 : – ISBN – Passagen Verlag Ges.

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Das postmoderne Wissen

A sublime is the conjunction of two opposed feelings, which makes it harder for us to see the injustice of it, or a solution to it. It might appear that the atomisation of human beings implied by the notion of the micronarrative and the language game suggests a collapse of ethics.

Lyotard’s work continues to be important in politicsphilosophysociologyliteratureartpostmiderne cultural studies. Rapport sur le savoir The Postmodern Condition: It has often been thought that universality is a condition for something to postmocerne a properly ethical statement: University of Minnesota Press.

Worse, he is then only in poxtmoderne position to testify to that injustice, rather than put forward a just and rational resolution. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Jean-François Lyotard, Das postmoderne Wissen, , Personenregister

University of Paris B. Retrieved from ” https: He favoured the startling and perplexing works of the high modernist avant-garde. Lyotard’s other book was named The Confession of Augustine and was a study in the phenomenology of time. A differend depends upon a distinction drawn between groups that itself depends upon the heterogeneity of language games and genres of discourse.

The meaning of a phrase—an event something happens –cannot be fixed by appealing to reality what actually happened.


That is, the story of how the human race has set itself free that brings together the language game of science, the language game of human historical conflicts and the language game of human qualities into the overall justification of the steady development of the human race in terms of wealth and moral well-being.

A Report on Knowledgethe impact of the postmodern condition was to provoke skepticism about universalizing theories. University of Paris X DrE Philosophy, Politics and the SublimeRoutledge,p.

Photo by Bracha L.

Jean-François Lyotard

Lyotard argues that we have outgrown our needs for grand narratives due to the advancement of techniques and technologies since World War II. University of Chicago Press,p. Justice and injustice can only be terms within language games, and the universality of ethics is out of the window. In it, he states: Some objects are simply incapable of being brought neatly under concepts.

Socialisme ou Barbarie had an objective to conduct a critique of Marxism from within during the Algerian war of liberation.

Lyotard saw postmodernism as a latent tendency within thought throughout time and not a narrowly limited historical period. Continental philosophy Phenomenology early Post-Marxism [1] late Postmodernism late.

Lyotard is fascinated by this admission, from one of the philosophical architects of the Enlightenment, that the mind cannot always organise the world rationally. A case of differend between two parties takes place when the regulation of the conflict that opposes them is done in the idiom of one of the parties while the wrong suffered by the other is not signified in that idiom.


The new definition of injustice is indeed to use the language rules from one ‘phrase regimen’ and apply them to another. Therefore, the phrase event remains indeterminate. Lyotard notes that it is based on mapping of society according to the concept of the language games. The point is that any event ought to be able to be understood in terms of the justifications of this metanarrative; anything that happens postmoserne be understood and judged according to the discourse of human emancipation.

Das postmoderne Wissen : Jean-Francois Lyotard :

He later gave up the dream postmoddrne becoming a writer when he finished writing an unsuccessful fictional novel at the age of But universals are impermissible in a world that has lost faith in metanarratives, and so it would seem that ethics is impossible. The term “libidinal” coming from the term libido which is used to refer to the psychoanalytical desires of our deeper consciousness. More precisely, we experience a clash between our reason which tells us that all objects are finite and postmpderne imagination the aspect of the mind that organizes what wissn see, and which sees an object incalculably larger than ourselves, and feels infinite.

Lyotard argued that the pagan gods, unlike Platonic philosophy and monotheism, never claimed to have universal truth, but instead were better than humans because they were better at deceit and metamorphosis.