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Have you been able to figure out how lutterloh determines the placement of their starting points luutterloh their patterns. If you’d like to read more please read the post “should I use the x-xx large system or the tradional system” listed near the llutterloh of the list on the right. The patterns are printed in miniaturised form in the back and need to be copied into actual size: I am so pleased, now onto something that I can challenge myself with.

Lutterloh’s system was also copied, though in a slightly different way – or other companies simply invented their own version, who knows. In this way you don’t tend to run off the paper and you can make the dots closer in while the pattern paper doesn’t interfere with your marking the dots. Before I tape things down I like to test and see if the largest number on the pattern will fit where my papers goes.

It is called Ergon and was published in Vienna. Anonymous June 22, at And thank you so much of your quick reply! I got them to fit but felt they were ho-hum.


Have you looked at the instruction video on the Lutterloh site here: A group of photos around front, side and back will tell you so much! I know for sure that is one problem.

Lutterloh pattern system

Remember when you are drawing the pattern you need to mark your seam allowance on the material or otherwise it wont fit you. Sleeve were snug and armholes up higher under your arm. I see the photo of the pattern on this blog, but if I printed it, would it be the right size to use? I’m hoping you find more help as you read our past postings.

Hello Suzanne here, not sure if my post went through, will try again so please bear with me. So check out what years patterns you have by reading our posting found in our listing on the right. Once I do draw them in, do I measure the distance from the top of the grain line to the edge of the fabric and make sure it is the same distance away at the bottom of the grain line to the edge of the fabric? September 29, at 9: Glad I wasn’t just missing the something.

So now in paper fitting you can help yourself by putting a grain line on the paper. I bought the modern system was not pressured in any way and like as much as having the modern system is good would love to have the vintage patterns as well.

Just thought I’d mention this in case anyone else has the same problem. Should I cut out the paper pattern with the above measurements and then add 6cm to each of the front vest pieces for a total of 12cm by adding a large bust adjustment? I use a light weight white pattern paper for making my patterns on. Yes, it’s the same pattern. Thankyou, I saw the shoulder post and it is an awesome idea.


I have had the good fortune to purchase Lutterloh patterns from the 60’s and what’s not to like about that era? I did notice that this was the approach the guy on the Lutterloh video seemed to take with modern ones – I think he had the end point marked but then cut to it and fitted the depth of the dart on the model. Hello Cleopatra, the answer is both yes and no. Anonymous June 24, at The front of the dress patter n has facing lines right across the front pieces.

Feel free to give it a try. Lutterloh suggests adjusting your dart once the pattern is marked to be sure it fits your unique shape. I am careful to mark these numbers on my pattern in case I do make choices different than the norm.

Rulers, Lutterloh System – Economical Sewing

They are available on the lutterloh lutteloh that caters for you area. My measurement was but these are Pj’s so I went up to Does this sometimes happen, or did I goof up? If so any changes you made in the fitting Vest will be made in every pattern.