Chandra Pips Arundhati to Commonwealth Prize. The Times of India News Service. NEW DELHI: Vikram Chandra’s Love and Longing in Bombay has won the. Vikram Chandra is one of those writers who really likes to spin a yarn. Unlike many contemporary fiction writers, especially from India, whose. In these five haunting stories Vikram Chandra paints a remarkable picture of Bombay—its ghosts, its passions, its feuds, its mysteries—while exploring timeless.

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He thought of Megha, and he tried to answer the question, Rahul’s question, his own, and he said what happened to us was that we loved each other, and we were unkind to each other, and impatient, loging unfaithful, and disappointed, and yet we wanted it for forever, but these are only words, and then came a flowing stream of images dense with colour and the perfume of her hair, and it carried him.

If Vikram Chandra had been born in and nothe might have dreamed of becoming the Beatles—all four at once. The idea of five stories to talk about the purushartha is nice bmbay I have found the stories a little bit boring.

It does all this in a spirit of artistry both timeless and contemporary at the same time. They heard his voice across Sylhet.

It feels just a little predictable at times and not quite at the level of the opener.

For a cynic she despairs a lot. This book of five connected tales is full and free and utterly alive, confidently crossing and recrossing contemporary Bombay. Thus we find a whole array of characters ranging from socialites of Malabar Hill to computer programmers working through the night, from closeted gay lovers to hardened cops, from powerful underworld dons to loonging painters.


Vikram Chandra’s ‘Love and Longing in Bombay’: Where potboilers meet literature

bombayy He went into the study and spread out some maps and began to work on operational orders. Then Amir Khan walked in with a glass of milk on a tray. Intricate plots and intense narrative tension are sometimes looked down upon by literary writers. Mostly these writers are tagged as postcolonial writers trying hard to depict the plight of the marginalized.

Western influence is so obviously witnessed in all walks of life that contemporary Indian Writers find it a moral duty to give voice to the spiritual and ethical vacuum that engulfed the country. They had done the party to mark an obscure regimental battle day from half a century before, because he would never have allowed a celebration for himself. It was amazing, he vlkram himself thinking, how localized it was.

When the wind came in from the sea it fluttered old flowered curtains and a calendar, and I was restless already, but I owed at least a drink to the courtesy of my friend Ramani, who understood my loneliness in Bombay and was maybe trying to mix me in with the right circle.

Love and Longing in Bombay | Vikram Chandra

Simply put, I like the real beyond the facts and the statistics and the little Bombay dot on a googled geography map. By writing down about Dharma, Kama, Artha, Vikram Chandra tried to see how these principles Duty, Desire and Gain — worked their way through ordinary lives. Refresh and try again. Kama is pleasure that should not be misinterpreted as sexual one.

He saw the insanity of what had gone on for three days, and he was sure it was exhaustion. The telling and hearing of tales, Chandra insists, can heal and exorcize… The titles [of the stories] remain untranslated.

Kama,work, unveils corruption, deceit, and body-selling. I had to think hard and look close to understand the short story, it was very frustrating. What works in these stories is a deep human understanding that goes beyond the petty psychology some writers strive on.


Love and Longing in Bombay

The second I had the story in my bu again, I read it with the same rapt attention as I had the first time, and I loved it every bit as much. An interlocking of stories, five main stories, out of which dozens of other qnd narratives unfold, one story begetting another and another in the concentric kind of narrative structuring Chandra evidently loves.

Friday, the 25th Aug. He had learnt the waiting that was the hardest part of commanding, and now the reports came quickly, and he felt the battle forming to a crescendo; he had a reserve, sixty men, and he knew now where he was chajdra to put them.

He had tested this in front of machine guns and found it to be true.

Love and Longing in Bombay: Stories

One afternoon he sat in his office, the pain a constant hum just below his attention, and the rain beat down in gusts against the windows, and the gleam of lightning startled him into realizing that his jaw was slack, that he had been staring aimlessly out of the olnging at the green side of the mountain, that he had become the sort of commander he despised, a man who because of his rank allowed himself to become careless.

This is a winning lonbing.

Journal of Commonwealth Literature, 40 2 This is Bombay in all its dimensions, chandda in the same story and at the very same time. They are the siblings of two matriarchs, Shaila and Dolly.