Liquid War 6: libsys. If version is X.Y.Z, this is Y. This one should increase manually at each significant/public release of the game. Return value: a non- NULL. Pls any one who provide me Libsys Manual in Soft copy. LibSys is an integrated multiuser library management software, that caters to the needs of an advanced library and information professionals. It provides a tree.

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Transform an id into a long integer. Note that if the thread is looping forever, this function will just wait forever. Returns a list containing all the keys of the assoc. Returns the libdir value defined by the GNU Autoconf. This limits the amount of locking.

Sets a progress struct to default values, that is, ranging from 0. Searches environment variables for the given keyword.

Why not use the pthread mutex directly? Utility function used to check how many threads where kibsys and joined. Note that this function will reset errno. This is interesting for such colors have no hue and sometimes ilbsys special handling. A canonized url passed into this function should come out exactly the same.


Additionnally, it will never return but quit the program. Returns the description of the package. Converts a color from common “0 to ” structured format to a single integer, where all fields BGRA are serialized. MINOR is the same in both cases.


If truncated to 3, “abcdef” becomes “abc”. Clears an libsts in an associative array. If key is here but too old expired then will return 0 and key will be deleted on the fly. Additional features of this system are:. Initializes the history system. If value is NULL, variable is unset. Exports the current content of the serializer as a string. Returns the log file, taking in account command-line and environment variables.

This list a directory. Splits a path into all its parts. This is complementary with the build stamp. Creates an empty list. This is not for serious stream operation since it will return only when stream is closed, and read all file into memory before doing anything.

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That is, tells wether mutex can be locked immediately or not. Music path can contain several directories. Used to write consistent XML file headers. The callback passed when creating the hash will be called if needed, to free the data automatically.


Returns the datadir value defined by the GNU Autoconf. Tries to locks the mutex. A distance libxys 1 corresponds to colors which have barely anything in common, but the result can still be greater than 1. Named bazooka after a night wasted to track down an unfoundable leak Kills a process with the given PID.

Duplicate a string, creating a new pointer on it, which must be freed afterwards. Searches environment variables for the given value.

Creates an empty reentrant list. The callback passed when creating the assoc will be called if needed, to free the data automatically. Gets the ENV separator, that is, for instance, the character used to separate paths in environment variables.