A ferociously cool Cold War thriller from the author of The Ipcress Deighton’s third novel has become a classic, as compelling and suspenseful now . (Editor’s note: This is the ninth installment in our ongoing Friday blog series highlighting great but forgotten books. Today’s selection comes. Funeral in Berlin, UK first edition now – see photo) on the first editions has a photo of Len Deighton and Michael Caine from The Ipcress File movie shoot.

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The truth is quite adequately hilarious. Sep 12, Stewart Sternberg rated it it was amazing. Secret File 7 books. As for family affairs: See all 57 reviews. Deightoj cocktail cabinet was in the corner. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. The Rap Sheet is always on the lookout for information about new and soon-forthcoming books, special author projects, and distinctive crime-fiction-related Web sites. One person found this helpful. It seems this is a joke the ubiquitous Colonel Stock has played on them; not only did he never intend to defect himself, he never intended to supply any Russian scientist — all along he simply wanted to poke and pry into British Ufneral methodology.

A shame that after over pages of proper spy-like posturing the end comes quickly and disjointedly. All the details of Post-war deprivation in Britain and the ponderous old boy network of the Civil services. How do you take your spies? This is not a casual read.

Funeral in Berlin by Len Deighton

The deihhton sympathetic character, as far as Palmer is concerned, is a Russian KGB colonel; for him, the distinction in the espionage business is between professionals and amateurs, rather than between friends and enemies.

I enjoyed it more than its predecessors; its highs are higher, though it sags a little in the middle. Return to Book Page.


Looking back, the Communists were a worthy enemy. Our hero is given an assignment that on the face of it is to bring a Soviet defector over to the west.

Commander Bond James Bond Dossier: The Narrator gets a bit riled when ordered to give Hallam some money to establish his identity:.

I think Deighton achieved success simply because he was the anti-Fleming. Lately, I have been reading the three great spy novelists of that time—with great pleasure. The characters are colorful and interesting even the bureaucrats deightoj everyone seems to have their own agenda. Buy Books Online Amazon. Deihgton to The Rap Sheet Enter your e-mail address: The fake documentation for Semitsa needs to be precisely specified.

He had his name removed from the credits of the film, however, which was a move that he later described as “stupid and infantile. The bathroom was all mosaics and radiant heating. Declarations of War Such amateurs that finally someone standing by couldn’t watch their bungling any longer, and took over. Following the success of his first novels, Deighton became The Observer’s cookery writer and produced illustrated cookbooks. The Ipcress File Secret File 1.


Funeral in Berlin

Le Carre beat him to that punch, and even his bad novels are worth reading. Not a fan of ‘The Ipcress File’; there are at least 3 books jammed in there- deighfon missing scientists, the Middle East trip, and the H-bomb test site story- with the whole IPCRESS thing getting lost, and resurrected only in the last few pages.

A clever plot that unfolds nicely. Alternate book cover 5 10 Aug 09, First published inFuneral in Berlin seemed to have been ripped directly from the headlines. But when Vulkan and the Narrator open the coffin as delivered to them in a West Berlin garage, they find no scientist, just a load of propaganda pamphlets.

Funeral in Berlin

His character development is always strong though. Michael Caine was signed up to reprise the role of Harry Palmer he first deighfon in the film version of The Ipcress File.


Then there is the femme fatale, Samantha Steel, and the playboy fixer Johnnie Vulkan, who is brokering the deal. I first read it when I was twelve and fell in love with Deighton’s light touch, and the narration is wonderfully wry. It has a great blurb talking up how popular Deighton’s books are, invoking Bond and the Beatles. I understand from wikipedia that there was a court case and this paragraph was removed from later editions.

It is a straightforward criminal scam. Slowly it appears this is a red herring and the plot is really about the legacy of the war, about the fate of a German murderer who was in a concentration camp during the Nazi era and who has survived into llen Berlin, although wanted by both the Communists and the Israelis. The people who are supposedly his allies are an untrustworthy lot: It’s now long deightonn, but I’ve never forgotten that blurb!

It is one of them — Hallam the homosexual — who gives us a brief description of the anonymous narrator: In fact the Schoenberg piece — Variations for Wind band — appears three times, in different places, like a leitmotiv. After many diversions, including an induced LSD trip, he is ordered to hand over US nuclear secrets to a Chinese scientist, with a view to emphasising to the Chinese just how destructive a nuclear war would be and therefore discouraging them from even contemplating one.

The novel centers around a proposed smuggling of a scientist across the Berlin wall. In addition he has to contend with an Israeli agent called Samantha Steel and a Home Office man back in London who may be compromised because of his homosexuality.