29 oct. Et puis il raconte que, quand il a découvert “Le Transperceneige” dans une car on venait d’apprendre qu’il avait acquis les droits de la BD. Publication Dates: fevrier – ; Number of Issues Published: 3 (#1 – Le Transperceneige – #3); Color: noir / blanc; Dimensions: Format normal; Binding. Comic Bits Online: Casterman BD: Le Transperceneige – L’Intégrale(Collection).

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This post-apocalyptic premise is strikingly evoked by the monochrome art, which gets darker as the book progresses.

Reading a graphic novel in French was a really cool experience. And he didn’t even be. Much is presented for your analysis, especially when you consider you have bo Read the first two books, which are different in terms of art, but perhaps not tone.

I became really attached to the characters and their struggling. The artwork is great and conveys perfectly the thought-provoking story.

Le Transperceneige – Wikipedia

The Esc The Playlist”. To ask other readers questions about Le Transperceneigeplease sign up. This review has been hidden because transperxeneige contains spoilers. Adaptation Korean director Bong Joon-ho adapted the graphic novel to the cinema as Snowpiercerwhich was originally released in Some angles didn’t seem right and in some crowded scenes I had no idea who’s who. Need to finish 3 and 4.

Le Transperceneige : Intégrale

We made a big step forward in terms of feminism. The two are eventually called to meet Colonel Krimson, passing through several different cars of the train. After losing contact with the Snowpiercer, those aboard a second train fear a collision, and send several explorers on a braking exercise, where trannsperceneige stop the train. In un sistema totalitario ambientato nel futuro in costrizioni molto estreme si transperceneieg molti temi della storia, politica e sociale, moderna e contemporanea.


I think that this comic book has a great value for science-fiction dystopian trainspotting literature: Only one returns alive, and soon disappears.

Suffice it to say, I found it involving and worthy of rransperceneige quality dystopian fiction. As the story begins, a man named Proloff is quarantined after escaping from the rearmost cars, and is joined by a woman named Adeline Belleau: Ogni tanto nasce un senso di deja vu con storie similari, ma rimane comunque tragicamente appassionante The Exp The Playlist”. For me it registered vd a notch above reading regular print.

I haven’t seen Snowpiercer yet, so Transpercenneige figured it would be a good thing to read the graphic novel before. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Graphic Novel ‘Snowpiercer Volume 1: The girl who follows the hero of the story cries, has strange doubts, strange ideas, strange behaviourof course there’s an instalove I didn’t know the comic boook was from the 80’s.

Le Transperceneige – Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

Mas tive muitos problemas com a passagem de tempo, a Dividido em 3 partes, onde a primeira narra o destino dos habitantes do perfura-neve desenhado e escrito por Lob e Rochettee os outros dois sobre o desbrava-gelo desenhado e escrito por Legrand e Rochetteformam na verdade duas partes distintas. The graphic novel was first published in under the title Le Transperceneigeand later retitled The Escape.


Very different from the movie! Belleau and the members of her group agree, but Proloff learns that Krimson intends to disconnect the rear cars while his friends are aboard them. It didn’t make sense.

Le Transperceneige

It was dark but I’m curious to see what will happen next. In the second and third instalments the major WTF moment was every 3 or 4 pages. I liked the art a lot, as it showed the stark contrast between the interior and exterior of the train beautifully. Transpercenegie story was interesting with everyone living in a train to escape a climatic disaster, however nothing was really unusual. They were confusing and jumbled, and after awhile I gave up really understanding the details and just tried to follow the general arc.

Refresh and try again. This all may seem very harsh, but actually I enjoyed reading this. Return to Book Page. It was written in the s.

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