The Lamsa New Testament in a new, easy-to-carry size, translated directly from the Aramaic, the language of Jesus and his disciples, gives us a greater. Read and study in the George Lamsa Translation of the Peshitta. Read the Bible. Peshitta – Lamsa Translation. PrevBackNext. New Testament. For the New Testament, the best current Greek New Testament texts were used.” (New I am not very familiar with the Lamsa Bible, but it seems to be uniquely.

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Lamsa strays still further from biblical Christianity by denying that Jesus Christ ever physically rose from the dead. Aramaic Bible Society, n.

Lamsa Bible – Wikipedia

Such an act would be considered sacrilegious. Lamsa proudly admits to being raised in the Nestorian church, which can be traced back to A.

The work underlying the superwriting is that of a student who copied the Gospels for penmanship. While some Assyrian customs may be ancient or similar to biblical customs as several Mideastern cultures areAssyrian culture is in many important respects different and has changed over the centuries. They further believe he held the Bible in high esteem and that he accurately translated it. Lamsa attempts to unite world religions in part by eliminating the uniqueness of Jesus and His atoning sacrifice on the cross.


Pia rated it really liked it May 31, He usually writes embellished narratives or discourses, not documenting either teetament assertions or detailed comments. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. This article first appeared in Christian Research Journal Fall He failed to realize that no responsible scribe would date a manuscript near a hole in such a way as to leave the reader in doubt as to the exact date.

Read the Bible

Testamet Scholar or Cultic Torchbearer? Jimmy added it Mar 16, The book evidently was introduced by the Roman Catholic missionaries after the union of the Chaldeans with the Church of Rome in the sixteenth century.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Aramaic-speaking Pharisees were lay leaders of Mosaic practice. Laksa layman or priest in the East would destroy a sacred text of the Four Gospels just to write a history of the Saints.

Agnes Lewis in the Covenant of St. Their dates are determined by many factors, so a claim made by Lamsa 47 that deceitful translators cut the dates out of texts to make them appear older is false. First of all, Nestorian nfw did not even bud until the second century when many converts were made in Armenia, and it was not until the fifth century that it flowered bew the Nestorian church formed.


In fact, he often implies that he opposes the belief. While many idioms teshament commonly known, he often promotes nonliteral meanings which differ from the intent of the biblical authors. Oxford University, He eventually published the complete Bible as For more on the influence of Nestorianism on Lamsa, see Douglas V.

Lamsa undoubtedly was an ambassador of Nestorian not biblical culture, with its unique alphabet, language, writings, customs, and church tradition. A translation from the Aramaic Peshitta, which was the original text used by Aramaic speaking people of Palestine.

Lamsa Bible

They also had a very small number of residents whose ancestors were forced to leave Israel seven centuries earlier in punishment for rejecting God and His prophets. For a thorough study, see J. In other words, it will be a spiritual life and spiritual kingdom. Nonetheless, the question remains: In fact, Lamsa stated that he purposely tried to avoid doctrinal, theological, and controversial matters and passages.