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Both Catholic and evangelical churches battle every day in Congress and in the public and educational spheres to limit the fundamental rights of LGBTQI people. Waugh was haughty, believing himself to possess a supreme mastery of language. Abre el concierto el grupo Guacamole. Hugo Hiriart in conversation with Luigi Amara Hugo Hiriart is an author who has worked in a number of different genres and fields.

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It is to be expected, then, that writers have another vocation: However, my most intense memory is that of Virgil, tasked with guiding Dante along the paths of Hades. We cannot go below that frontier; we are bound to a certain practical height by the act of sijonetti and we are obliged, according to Steiner, to fulfill a contract with the world in terms of reference and meaning.

This is the only way that each and every one of us can respond to that invaluable question of who we are. Tere, now looking after the family, must earn a living selling crafts. Please enable JavaScript on your browserthen try again. For me it was a gift to go from a handful to a multitude of readers, but more than that, it was an expression of the extent of the damage that this one act of censorship could have sijonetti.


El extraditado is the latest work by Juan Carlos Reyna. And this is how reading, through those unforgettable characters, created by enraptured, fiercely original authors, helps us to tell the story that defines and distinguishes us from others. Literary characters ultimately serve as the pointer of a scale against which we measure ourselves. pab,o

Concha Buika Concha Buika is a Spanish artist of African parents whose music is a combination of different styles. How should political reporting be carried out? Or, if the work contains a cohort of well-realised characters, literary characters serve as a hall of mirrors in which we can see various aspects of ourselves reflected, some clear and to scale, others distorted but equally revealing about our nature. Some people burned the story in front of their children —this I know first hand— but for most it made palpable the suffering of men who had to hide their homosexuality, simulating a harmonic life with a woman, and the misery of women married to men living a double life.

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To name these categories —and this is an essential point for those who fight for freedom of expression— means to concede their reality. Joumana Haddad in conversation with Felipe Restrepo Pombo. This winner of the European Literature Prize, granted by the Austrian state, and member of the Royal Society of Literature, has a style that has often been compared with Latin American magic realism.

This is a musical comedy that reflects on the dehumanisation typical of the industrial era. He will talk about his career and work.


Other artists such as Pier Paolo Pasolini and Zeina Abirached carried out similar exercises in telling their lives through memory fragments in a free flow of ideas, emotions and images. He did not dissimulate his desire to be thought of as the best writer of his time. The director won the award for Best Director at the Sundance Festival thanks to this film; it presents the terrible but fascinating story of this singer-songwriter who, due to drug consumption and mental illness, would end up having imaginary encounters with the devil.

Hugo Hiriart is an author who has worked in a number of different genres and fields. Daniel Espartaco in conversation with Mariana H. Fonseca will talk to two of the authors who have contributed to this edition: This year, once again, we present the poetry reading event with major Mexican and international poets.

A commemorative event for the 70 th anniversary of the Universidad Veracruzana. We must name, we must tell, we must read.

In Denmark, same-sex Danish couples had been able to enter into civil union sinceto protect their status as a family. He talks about his work and struggle for freedom of expression with Diego Enrique Osorno. According to Nabokov, Hamlet and Fastaff demonstrate intellectual rather than physical prowess, they are acutely aware of their respective situations, but without losing their perplexity.

Harold Bloom called Pabloo Shakespeare the inventor of personality.