Provide smart search on your MVC site to enable your visitors to search through your pages, products or other objects on your site. Smart search is an. Kentico provides an index-based search solution, which allows users to search through the content of Providing smart search on MVC sites. Smart Search retrieves the appropriate data from the database and stores it in an index file using an easily searchable format. When website visitors submit a.

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Well, it does not matter if it is online or locally.

smwrt For example, when a user is searching for the word “conditional”, the search will also hit documents containing the word “conditions” as the two terms share the same stem. The scheduler is not running since the index previously did not built.

Full-text Search

If you are working with page types anything added as part of form can be searched by kentco settings in the page type searchable fields but not anything in the web parts.

Smart and Typo-tolerant Search The Smart search module returns results to visitors for words that are only approximate matches.


If there are files present, make sure they are not locked read only. If yes, when you disable it is the index rebuilt? Farah El Agha asked on October 30, Support of Stemming Stemming is the removal of suffixes from words. For the index I have selected a ‘pages crawler’ type and this uses the smatr IIS domain in the crawler settings. Are there any colleague around you that may know little more about Kentico?

Also, look into Even Log app to see kentiico there are any error after you try to rebuild index. Have you added a web.

Full-text Search | Kentico CMS for

I believe the AmazonCache folder is only be used when defining web. Chetan Sharma I made sure my index has the culture defined before rebuilding, thank kehtico. I would give it a try and specify the local domain name you are using as the crawler domain.

Hi, What is the exact version including hotfix? Please, sign in to be able to submit a new answer.

smart search indexes

Kentico also provides File Search Support built-in indexing of attached document content. But no harm in checking this. What could be the problem?

Are you indexing page types or crawling pages and you will have select the page type accordingly. Hello guys, I am working on a kentico 9 project and I am trying to update the indexes of the smart search, but it is not optimizing nor rebuilding. See Kentico in Action.


Smart Search Index fails to build – Smatt When you use Fiddler or Wireshark, what requests do you see? Are there any redirects set in the IIS or in your web site which may redirect the crawler requests? Juraj Ondrus answered on November 1, First, check page type app, find the type for the blog post, check the “Search fields” seearch on the left side, are the blog text fields been checked for index?

We’re named a Strong Performer in the Q4 Can you see the index files in the following folder: Suggest a feature Support. This has full control on the admin website. Depending on how many web instance uses this database, there could be tasks generated for web server instances that are not available smarr process the tasks. Each blog post should be entered within the content tree.