Overview, One of over Bible commentaries freely available, this commentary is a triumph of rigorous scholarship and sound theology by two highly. Keil and Delitzsch OT Commentary. The First Book of Moses(Genesis). Introduction. Contents, Design, and Plan of the Book of Genesis. The first book of Moses. Keil and Delitzsch Biblical Commentary on the Old Testament.

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And God said, Let us make man in commenntary image, after our likeness: Share your thoughts with other customers. Return of the Kosher Pig. Delitzsch’s son, Friedrich Delitzsch —was an influential Assyriologist and author of works on Assyrian language, literature, and history.

And God saw the light, delitzschh it was good: Monday, December 31st, the Monday after Christmas. In conclusion, the food of both man and beast is pointed out in Genesis 1: This cannot be attributed to forgetfulness on the part of the author, as Tuch supposes.

His mother’s name was Susanna Rosina. Delitzsch was baptized on March 4, at the big St. Again, it is not stated that only a single pair was created of each kind; on the contrary, the words, “let the waters swarm with living beings,” seem rather to indicate that the animals were created, not only in a rich variety of genera and species, but in large numbers of individuals.

Jewish New Testament Commentary: And if natural science cannot boast that in any one of its many branches it has discovered all the phenomena connected with the animal and human organism of the existing world, how could it pretend to determine or limit the changes through which this organism may have passed in the course of thousands of years?

Delitzsch wrote many commentaries on books of the Bible, Jewish antiquities, Biblical psychology, as well as a history of Jewish poetry, and works of Christian apologetics. This tradition was kept in faithful remembrance by the family of the godly; and even in the confusion of tongues it was not changed in its substance, but simply transferred into the new form of olr language spoken by the Semitic tribes, and thus handed down from generation to oh along with the knowledge and worship of the true God, until it became through Abraham the spiritual inheritance of the chosen race.

Wagner, Franz Delitzsch, p. For, to reply to the last objection first, geology has offered no conclusive evidence of its doctrine, that the fossil remains of beasts of prey and bones with marks of disease belong to a pre-Adamite period, but has merely inferred it from the hypothesis already mentioned of successive periods of creation.

These are divided into three classes. Delitzzsch to Know Us. This suffices to prove that the theosophic speculation of those who “make a gap between the first two verses, and fill it with a wild horde of evil spirits and their demoniacal works, is an arbitrary interpolation” Ziegler. Moreover, we must not picture the work of creation as consisting of the production of olf first tender germs which were gradually developed into herbs, shrubs, and trees; on the contrary, we must regard it as one element in the miracle of creation itself, that at the word of God not only commemtary grasses, but herbs, shrubs, and trees, sprang out of the earth, each ripe for the formation of blossom and the bearing of seed and fruit, without the necessity of waiting for years before the vegetation created was ready to blossom and bear fruit.


How irreconcilable the idea of the waters above the firmament being ethereal waters is with the biblical representation of the opening of the windows of heaven when it rains, is evident from the way in which Keerl, the latest supporter of this theory, sets aside testamenh difficulty, viz. It was reserved for the Deism, Naturalism, and Rationalism which became so prevalent in the closing quarter of the eighteenth century, to be the first to undermine the belief in the inspiration of the first covenant, and more and more to choke up this well of saving truth ; so that at the present day depreciation of the Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament is as widely spread as ignorance of what they really contain.

Franz Delitzsch – Wikipedia

The only deelitzsch in which we can represent it to ourselves, is by supposing that the light called forth by the creative mandate, “Let there be,” was separated from the dark mass of the earth, and concentrated outside or above the globe, so that the interchange of light and darkness took place as soon as the dark chaotic mass began to rotate, and to assume in the process of creation the form of a spherical body.

But the Bible actually mentions two events of the primeval age, whose effect upon the form of the earth and the animal and vegetable world no natural science can explain.

The waters under the firmament are the waters thw the globe itself; those above are not od waters Note: As a still further contribution towards commenfary same result, it is our present intention to issue a condensed Commentary upon the whole of the Old Testament, in which we shall endeavour to furnish not only lod grammatical and historical exposition of the facts and truths of divine revelation, but a biblical commentary also, and thus to present to all careful readers of the Bible, especially to divinity students and ministers of the Gospel, an exegetical handbook, from which they may obtain some help towards a full understanding of the Old Testament economy of salvation, so far as the theological learning of the Church has yet been able to fathom it, and possibly also an impulse to further study delihzsch a deeper plunge into the unfathomable depths fhe the Word of God.

To report dead links, typos, or html errors or suggestions about making these resources more useful use our convenient contact form. But the work of God, as described in the history of creation, is in perfect harmony with the correct notions of divine omnipotence, wisdom and goodness. The account of paradise exhibits the primary relation of man to God and his position in the world. I am absolutely delighted to have this in my library again.


Bible Commentaries

Creation is an act of the personal God, not a process of nature, the development of which can be traced to the laws of birth deliitzsch decay that prevail in the created world. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon.

But even if all the species differed, which can by no means be proved, this would be no valid evidence that the existing plants and animals had not sprung from those that have passed away, so long as natural science is unable to obtain any clear insight into the origin and formation of species, and the question as to the extinction of a species or its transition into another has met with no satisfactory solution.

Delitzsch collaborated with Carl Friedrich Keil on a commentary series which covers the whole of the Old Testament. As animated beings, the water animals and fowls are endowed, through tje divine blessing, with the power to be fruitful and multiply. Love these books mint awesome addition to libarary. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

By all modest delltzsch, therefore, it is assumed that the origin lld matter, or of the original material of the world, was due to an act of divine creation. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: Our record contains not merely religious truth transformed into history, but the true and actual history of a work of God, which preceded the existence of man, and to which he owes his existence.

At the same time it is obvious from the creative acts which follow vv.

One person found this helpful. This act of creation, too, like all that precede it, is shown by the divine word “good” to be in accordance with the will of God. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. The opinion that the Israelites drew it from the cosmogony of this or the other ancient people, and altered it according to their own religious ideas, will need no further refutation, after what we have said respecting the cosmogonies of other nations.

With this the legends of the heathen world respecting the golden age of the past, and its return at the end of time, also correspond cf. The statement, that in ood beginning God created the heaven and the earth, not only precludes the idea of the eternity of the world a parte ante, but shows that the creation of the heaven and the earth was the actual beginning of all things.