Love and Responsibility [Karol Wojtyla, Grzegorz Ignatik] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this classic work, readers are given a window. 18 quotes from Love and Responsibility: ‘A person’s rightful due is to be treated as an object of love, not as an object Karol Wojtyla, Amor e Responsabilidade. Msgr Karol Wojtyla’s Love and Responsibility (Amour et responsabilit?, Paris ) was function in building up genuine human love comes to light. In spite of.

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Love and Responsibility

Justice to the Creator means that I must “offer him all that is in me, my whole being, for he has first claim karil all of it. After a brief introduction on the almost inexhaustible richness of meaning found in the word “love,” Wojtyla focuses on three basic elements in any form of human, interpersonal love, namely attraction, desire, and goodwill.

The Person and Love; Three: I think we could sum Wojtyla up by saying that chastity is the virtue enabling a karlo to come into possession of his sexual desires and feelings, not to be possessed by them, so that he can give himself away in love to others, particularly to persons of the other sex.

Justice to the Creator; and Five: Nonetheless, men and women who have not freely chosen this state as their “vocation” but have rather chosen marriage, wotyla, by their love, be closer to the perfection to which we are all called than persons who have chosen virginity.

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Because the existence of a person is an interior one, revealed only to those to whom one freely chooses to reveal it, a person is naturally shamed or experiences shame when his or her interior is exposed to the view or leer of others. In what follows Wojtyla spells out what this entails. Chapter 4 is divided into two major parts: Unlike some “personalists,” Wojtyla does not regard the procreative meaning of human sexuality as something merely biological that must be assumed into consciousness in order to become personal; rather it is personal, for it is this meaning of human sexuality that is oriented to the preservation of the species, to the prolongation of persons.

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The fifth subsection is his “Critique of Utilitarianism. First of all, only persons have vocations.

The sixth subsection, “The Commandment to Love, and the Personalistic Norm,” begins with a statement of the love commandment of scriptures. The union of persons in love does not necessarily have to be realized by way of sexual relations. Because husband and wife are persons “they take part consciously in the work of creation and from this point of view are participes Creatoris, ” and precisely for this reason “the question of justice toward the Creator arises both in married life and in any form of relationship Chapter 3 contains three major parts, of which the first is devoted to the rehabilitation of chastity, the second to the “metaphysics of shame,” and the third to the subject of continence and the difference between continence and chastity.

Thus “if ‘love’ remains just sensuality. In the mind of the subject love-as-desire is not felt as mere desire.

Love and Responsibility Quotes by John Paul II

I believe his point here could be summarized by saying: To be chaste means to have a ‘transparent’ attitude to a person of the other sex– chastity means just that–the interior ‘transparency’ without which love is not itself” p.

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The former views marriage as an interpersonal relationship, in which the well-being and self-realization of each partner are of overriding importance to the other. This is most important because it makes it clear that Wojtyla holds that unborn children are indeed persons and do not become persons at some stage of development. When a man and a woman who have marital intercourse decisively preclude the possibility of paternity and maternity their intentions are thereby diverted from the person and directed to mere enjoyment How can the “I” and the “Thou” become a “We”?

This results from a distorted sense of values as well as from human laziness resentment is linked to the cardinal sin of sloth or laziness. I take rsponsibility that this is what “mystical” or “spiritual” virginity is and that mystical virginity is possible–and indeed, essential, for married men and women. Forgot password or Username?


This is a responsibiility section of Wojtyla’s book ideas are later developed in his Wednesday audiences as Pope in his reflections on the “spousal” meaning of the body, nakedness and responsiblity.

Literally, it means “untouched,” and its physical sign is that one is untouched from the sexual point of view. Physical virginity is an “external expression of the fact that the person belongs only to itself and reaponsibility the Creator. Parenthood, whether fatherhood or motherhood, is rooted in the inner life; it is new way of crystallizing a husband’s love for his wife and a wife’s love for her husband. In these pages Wojtyla develops ideas set forth in chapter 4 on this topic. This is an exceptionally important section.

Integrating Love: Love and Responsibility Series (Post #11)

The Problems of Continence. Nevertheless, the need to give oneself to another person has profounder origins than the sexual instinct, and is connected above all with the spiritual nature of the human person.

I will focus on 3 and 4briefly considering the other sections. These two truths, properly integrated, give to an responsiility that perfection which is one of the elements of a genuinely good and genuinely ‘cultivated’ love” p. After noting that Jesus dealt with this question decisively pp.

In practice, it also arouses concupiscence, or a wish to enjoy concentrated on sexual values with no regard for the value of the person” p. Before the love of a man and woman can “take on its definitive form, become ‘betrothed love,’ the man and the woman each face the choice of the person on whom to bestow the gift of self