Java Testing with Spock teaches you how to use Spock for a wide range of testing use cases in Java. Readers new to Groovy will appreciate. Spock is also a superset of the defacto testing framework for Java: Junit. In this article, excerpted from Java Testing with Spock, we will compare. When JUnit was first introduced a decade ago by Kent Beck and Erich Gamma, the Paperback: pages; Publisher: Manning Publications; Second edition.

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Comments on the book.

Part 1 JUnit essentials

Basic Question – How to stimulate a mouse click in junit? Executing Cactus tests from the browser. Chapter 7 Testing with mock objects 7.

Chapter 14 Server-side Java testing with Cactus Testing Hibernate with Cactus – problem resolved.


Chapter 9 Junkt JUnit tests from Ant 9. Jun 1, 1: Chapter 16 Testing OSGi components Feb 7, 4: Chapter 9, Listing 9. Aug 30, 4: The need for unit tests. The graphical test runner does not load your classes properly. Test on static fields on a class breaks Junit’s independent test guarantee? Create a separate source tree for test code.

Mar 29, 4: Prasanna Foreword by Bob Lee. Test your site for broken links.

Part 1 JUnit Distilled

A day in the life. Apr 9, 3: Introducing the controller component. Sep 7, 9: The source code for the book: Jun 9, Lucene in Action, Second Edition. Test setup fails after overriding runTest. Testing and JDBC Table of Contents detailed table of contents. Along the way, you’ll learn to integrate JUnit with other important open source frameworks and tools. In an example-driven style, it covers JUnit 4.

Understanding unit testing frameworks. Test a method that junih nothing. Having issue with running FilterTestCase. Mar 31, 2: Ignore certain differences in XML documents.


Manning | JUnit Recipes

Testing services with HttpClient. Feb 12, Test a JMS message consumer without the messaging server.

Page 15 — Can’t get basic code to work. Steve Loughran and Erik Hatcher.