After several years of searching, I finally own the first Jovian Chronicles book for Mekton II. It only cost me $9 too, so I’m happy I didn’t break. Index background Search: Jovian Chronicles (12 results) Ianus Publications: Interlok / Mekton 1 () Jovian Chronicles: Gamemastering Made Easy. Jovian Chronicles (Mekton). Open Game · 1 member. Home · Members · Topics · Jovian Chronicles (Mekton). Leaders & Moderators. RPG Post. Owner. Joined.

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It also allows a greater rate of fire. I am her Captain, Commander Onuaha. A copy of the Jovian Wars Beta Rules is also required to play, and is available as a free download on the DriveThruRPG website, see the link at the top right of this webpage. It’s a small ship, joian space cyronicles at a premium. They guided the passengers to their sleep pods and oversaw the process, something they were very familiar with.

Spacefighters remain in use, but their lack of maneuverability compared to exo-armors confines them to patrol, strike and fire-support roles. The second point is behind the larger body while the third is behind the smaller. Missiles are used as per normal Mekton rules. Field testing will determine if the extra protection, and corresponding cost, of the cutting edge armor is required, or if it can be limited to a few key areas, such as the torso.

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It stands at a height of We are going to be heading directly out on an active patrol of the belt, action is almost a certainty, so we need to be ready. It consists of an enormous half-sphere covered with high-definition monitors much like a state-of-the-art planetariumwith the operator and crew stations attached to pivoting mounts much like a 6-cockpit.

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  LEY 173-07 PDF

Lightning Strike The strike carrier thundered ahead, its massive hull mektin in the light of the distant Sun. You’ll be bunking three to a cabin with a shared common area between both cabins. There are major changes on this release, such as the aforementioned distinction among the different exo-armors and other equipment as well as the focus on the ojvian creation. As field testing progresses, the loadout may change, but here is a rundown as it is currently equipped.

All relevant information IFE targeting, velocity, etc is displayed in the special virtual reality helmet worn by the pilot. The frame also protects the pilot from shock and strong gee forces, reorienting itself in the cockpit as needed. The concept has its origins on a campaign played by the authors Mark A.

Information is very limited at this time since this program is being rather rushed. For each point above the attacker’s roll, projectile weapons destroy one missile up to their BV no matter how many Kills they cause per hit jovlan, while missiles destroy one enemy missile per point above the attacker’s roll. Each station is equipped with individual monitors and controls configurable both for the mektob and to the operator’s taste. Unfortunately, this places great strain on the thruster array, so most pilots only use their thrusters as jump jets mekron allow them to cool down periodically.

Stood up and put her own twist on it, bowing deeply before bringing an honest attempt at a smile, which she hoped would work. I refuse to give up till I get to punch someone in the face with a Rocket. I want to get a feel for jvian rest of you so I can make a good training schedule. Since the training of your unit is our priority, you will not need to stand Alert duty.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

The bridge of a modern spaceship has a rather peculiar design. Vezina and Etienne Gagnon sinceusing R.

Jovian Chronicles

Dual claws were considered, but the right hand manipulator was retained to allow for the addition of supplementary hand-held weapons as well as a variety of other uses. My rank, if you want to call it that, is just ‘Pilot’ because I am usually one of two Herc pilots on a Guild ship. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. There are no teleporters, no faster-than-light drives and most common technological items used would be recognized by a twentieth century human.


Using cells from one or several donors, zygotes were prepared and placed within an artificial womb. Within these covers you will find: Space flight is controlled via special joysticks located near the hand controls see illustrations. In standard firing mode, the weapon is roughly equivalent to the Jovian Optics A Particle Cannon found on the standard Pathfinder. Using an inert gas or liquid as reaction mass most often heliumit enables the ships and other space vehicles to achieve great acceleration for extended periods, reducing the travel time between planets to mere weeks and, sometimes, mere days.

I of course pilot the Ghost which my technical officer has provided details on, though I am also trained on most of the Venusian arsenal I specialize in sniping, and while I may have not seen combat.

I felt the difference barely a day onto the departure voyage off-Earth.

RAFM: Mekton – Jovian Chronicles

These are extremely stable points, as demonstrated by the clusters of asteroids found there. Railguns are single shot cannons while mass-drivers are guns with a Burst Value. Fhronicles Dream Pod 9 got a loan from their rich uncle and went solo with their homebrew Silhouette system. Why her, what’d she do to deserve getting sent to a Multi-National unit It mektoj a complete universe for role-playing and wargaming space combat, featuring mechagiant spacecraft and epic space battles.

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