Originally entitled ‘Milostné dopisy’ (‘Love letters’), the String Quartet No 2 was eventually given the subtitle of ‘Listy důvěrné’ (‘Intimate letters’), implying the vast . Janácek’s 2nd String Quartet, “Intimate Letters”, is regarded as a highlight of the modern string quartet literature. It was written during the composer’s last year of. I thought David Yang’s script to accompany our performance of Janacek’s String Quartet no. 2, “Intimate Letters,” would make a great blog post.

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There was always tension between Janacek and Kamila. You know, we dream about paradise, about heaven and we never get to it.

Guest blog- David Yang on Janacek’s Intimate Letters | Kenneth Woods – conductor

Reading through Janacek’s letters, Kapilow says there are hints that the composer was aware of his own fictionalized love affair. Resolution, relentlessly to fight with theworld over you. My affection for that piece was uncomplicated.

It will be the best. Could I look your children in the eye, your itnimate, your parents?

Kenneth Woods – conductor

On the other, not a note seems to be out of place. Ich bin gespannt, welche Wirkung das haben wird. The passage is actually a musical portrait of Kamila, one that Janacek described to her in a letter: I cringe when this piece is discussed as some sort of hyper-romantic gesture. Sweetness tempered with grit. Remember the ugliness behind those notes…. The same pattern is heard over and over, but every time it’s a little different, more complicated, with anguish at every step.


Every layer of meaning — biography, reception history, extramusical associations — made it richer, easier to love.

But when I think about this piece, my relationship to it sours. Only the most beautiful melodies can find a place in it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Little cells, packed with emotional energy and ready to combine, break apart, metamorphose. The writing, as in his Tolstoy-inspired work, is often highly lyrical, though again it has an unmistakably coarse grain, with the quartet playing right on the bridge, creating severe or wispy sounds, as well as employing other innovative effects.

Written on Skin: Leoš Janáček’s Intimate Letters

A hero in his native Czechoslovakia, and one of the greatest and most original composers of the 20th C. The force of this combined rhythmic energy can be overwhelming.

Everything about it is unique. At first, he considered treating the piece as a public declaration, by giving it an explicit title: Beautiful and ugly sounds rendered in the same instant. Those notes of mine kiss all of you. Ce sera le meilleur.

Janácek, Leoš / String Quartet no. 2 “Intimate Letters” / Bärenreiter Verlag

They call for you passionately. Your purchase helps support NPR programming. Learn how your comment data is processed. Janacek’s portrait begins with simple-sounding repeated notes for the viola.


In such a way do the days pass for the angels. She was natural, sometimes almost uninhibited.

She was married, and did not return his interest in the slightest… but over the next ten years he penned hundreds — hundreds! Don’t show me this message again. March 1, Blog Liz Cox. He composed some of his best music, including the String Quartet No. Learn about Kenneth at www.

I said to myself that she could be a good support for me against Mrs. The music speeds up, Kapilow says, but not intimwte the usual way. The site is also available in several languages.

His fetishized, idealized woman. Standing in wonder before you at our first meeting…. Would it be ours? You are giving birth. Commentator Rob Kapilow pinpoints a section from the third movement of the quartet which he says reveals much about Janacek’s unique sound-world.