A. K. M. Adam. THE PILGRIMAGE OF ETHERIA. M.L. McClure and C. L. Feltoe, ed. and trans. London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, Once the identification with the Gallic Saint had fallen, the title of Itinerarium Egeriae became more popular than the one of Peregrinatio. 4th century. Hispania (Spain). The Itinerarium Egeriae, also known as Peregrinatio Egeriae or Aetheriae (for it is not strictly speaking an itinerarium), is the.

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But, really, maps are not here to provide us complete satisfaction. In Clysma ancient Clesmacorresponding to modern SuezEgeria spends a few days. The return journey until the so-called mansio Arabia probably a term indicating a small settlementwhich encompasses 4 stops in mansionesis done with the support of a military patrol, escorting the group from one stop to the following, the stop being described as a mansioa monastery but also a castrum Eg.

bibliotheca Augustana

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Both this and the verse-by-verse commentary alongside the translated text draw on the most recent scholarship, making this essential reading for pilgrims, students, and scholars seeking insight into life and piety during one of Christianity’s most formative periods.

McGowan and Bradshaw’s volume does ample justice to the many recent insights from pilgrimage studies and gender theory found in this crucial early Christian text. Actually, the parchment, written at Eyeriae and dated to the eleventh century, was found only at the end of the nineteenth century by Gian Francesco Gamurrini in the library of the Confraternita dei Laici in Arezzo. Once the identification with the Gallic Saint had fallen, the title of Itinerarium Egeriae became itinersrium popular than the one of Peregrinatio.

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Actually, the text is a narrative in epistle style of the journey from a western province to Palestine and Mesopotamia. Her interest is addressed mainly in the places themselves, not in the journey to them. If you are a student or academic complete our librarian recommendation form to recommend the Oxford Research Encyclopedias to your librarians for an institutional free trial. On the Liturgical Year. Email required Address never made public.

Egeria (pilgrim)

Meister argues that her language shows no evidence of Spanish dialect, but rather, suggests that she may have been from one of the well known religious houses of 6th century Gaul ; under this theory, her pilgrimage would have taken place in the first half of the reign of Justinian r. However, it is also evident that travellers progressively detached from the public infrastructures and started to consider the journey not as just functional to reach a destination but also like a path to salvation, more like an occasion for a spiritual experience than a simple displacement.

Since the relatively recent discovery of the parchment reporting the incomplete narrative of a journey undertaken to the Holy Land, the text of the so-called Itinerarium Egeriae formerly known as Peregrinatio Aetheriae has attracted itinsrarium amazing attention from scholars.

More Posts – Website. This is invaluable because the development of liturgical worship e.

She goes back to Antioch, from where she leaves to Cilicia and Isauria, diverting to the martyrium of Saint Thecla Eg. Gamurrini published the Latin text and theorised the author was Saint Sylvia of Aquitaine. Conversely, we will not discuss here the matters related to the origin or the status of Egeria, even if — for the sake of this research — it is essential to underline that we will consider the pilgrim as a wealthy yet not aristocratic woman, definitely a lay and not a nun.

The Pilgrimage of Egeria

Classical Views3,p. This was in accordance with Jewish purity law Lev. Fatigue and privation are of course part of the experience, but the displacement from one holy place to another is meaningful only if experienced in a religious context. He dated her pilgrimage to about —, during the itnerarium of Theodosius I. Schematic map of the trips undertaken by Egeria. One essential point for this essay is the discussion of the argument that Egeria was awarded the right to make free use of the infrastructures of the cursus publicusthe imperial office in charge of the management of traffic related to official business.


John ‘s at Ephesus.

This is the translation of Egeria’s work that I will be using and assigning in my courses. Access to the complete content on Oxford Classical Dictionary requires a subscription or purchase.

Cristina Corsi – la formation et la transformation de l’espace dans les civilisations anciennes: This is the oldest known artistic depiction of the presentation of Jesus at the temple.

However, the origins itinerarkum the festival likely lay in the early fourth century. Afficher tous les articles par Cristina Corsi. A context for the beginnings of Christian pilgrimage, Echos du monde classique. Reblogged this on Talmidimblogging. The sole MS, apart from fragments, was discovered at Arezzo in A itineragium of two visits to Sinai, from Mrs.

The Itinerarium Egeriae: Mapping Egeria’s Pilgrimage On Candlemas

Additionally, she visited the burial places of Haranthe brother of Abrahamas well as the site where Eliezer met with Rebecca. February 2, February 2, sarahemilybond. Egeria’s ability to make a long and expensive journey by herself, her numerous acquaintances and attentive guides in egerkae places she visited, and her education indicate her middle or upper class wealthy background.