The story of a poor girl who lived the life of a slave in Pre-abolitionist Brazil baby daughters Isaura, crowds of fans flocked to meet the couple Lucelia Santos . This melodrama focuses on the conflict between the beautiful light-skinned slave woman Isaura (Bianca Rinaldi, originally, Lucelia Santos) and her cruel. ISAURA THE SLAVE GIRL. likes. Fictional Character.

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Not so in this one. However, I happened wlave catch an episode of this serial telenovel I won’t even call it a soap opera while visiting my family in Singapore back in Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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Retrieved March 14, This telenovel is far superior to any daytime drama I’ve ever seen, probably better than most primetime dramas as these were originally aired in the evening in Brazil. Views Read Edit View history. Fate of the slaves. Henrique Fontoura 3 episodes, He is also very modern, and already set all his slaves free.

A short tempered, feminist rich woman notable for her aversion to marriage and her aggressive behavior gradually falls in love for a rough and lowly farmer. The word “fazenda” Portuguese: Four Days in September The actors were extremely likable,and the story, gripping and tensed. Isaura repeatedly refuses, and Leoncio orders her to be tied out and orders her to be whipped in the morning.


A Escrava Isaura ( TV series) – Wikipedia

She makes her character easy to sympathize with; more to say, a character to dlave with. This fact further exacerbated the patron saint of the commander against the wretched slave. Conselheiro Fontoura 3 episodes, That is why majority of people loved it since the characters were simple to evaluate.

That night, Isaura was discovered, as a slave escaped.

It contained the following tracks:. But no one would listen to this voice of reason.

Escrava Isaura is what I would call a mini-series. Isaura is devoutly religious; she prays often, avoids the witchcraft practiced by some other slaves and often wears a prominent cross around her neck.

In June,Isaura’s time iwaura which included one soccer preemption averagedcore adult viewers ages 18 to Naturally there are other characters in the story that are remarkable, such as Leoncio’s doomed but benevolent wife Malvina; Isaura’s eventual savior and boyfriend Slavr the real hero ; Leoncio’s father Gobernador Almeida, who at first hates Isaura but then has a change of heart and wants to help save her from his own son; and of course Isaura herself, the strong willed, religious slave girl, played superbly by Lucelia Santos.

Henrique Fontoura 3 episodes, Beatriz Lyra Sections of this page. Francisco 2 episodes, Isaura remains a slave because she is a slave’s daughter—and freedom always seems to be just beyond her reach.

Daughter of a slave and a white man, Isaura lived in a farm, in Campos do Goitacazes, in the state or Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, being treated as a daughter by Ester, her owner, but as a slave by Commandeur Almeida, Ester’s husband. Rosa 3 episodes, Small FIAT police vans were for a while called “Isaura”, a reference to the slave-like treatment that awaited most of those that were unlucky enough to ever be dragged into one.


Escrava Isaura ( TV series) – Wikipedia

Secrets of Sand TV Series Nevertheless, he develops a dangerous fixation with Isaura and determines to make her his mistress. CamposUsaura de Janeiro. Retrieved from ” https: I the classic thing It’s worthy to watch them I was alave of those people despite the fact I don’t fancy such sagas whatsoever. Why “phenomenon” in Poland? According to a research conducted by Good Morning Americait is the most dubbed program in the history of world television.

Start your free trial. She is very kind to Isaura. Even if you don’t like ‘soap operas’ this is definitely not a series to miss!

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But she knows she can’t stay with him as they aren’t safe in Brazil, Miguel already bought the ship tickets to the United States where slavery has rhe abolished three years previously. It has been extremely successful in the country at that time, especially among women. She was born and raised on the coffee plantation of Commander Almeida Rubens de Falco in the village of Goitacaces. He truly represents every slave’s worst nightmare, and seems to enjoy every minute of it.

I have never been a big fan of soap operas, especially when I was a teenager.