L’Interferometria SAR Terrestre per il monitoraggio geotecnico e strutturale. Landslide monitoring by Terrestrial SAR Interferometry: critical analysis of different. Applied Remote SEnsing Training. interferometrıa diferencial SAR1 (DInSAR) se han establecido como la . Las técnicas de Interferometrıa SAR (InSAR) nacen con el objetivo de medir distancias.

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NHAZCA provides customized and reliable solutions, making available to the clients its proven experience in the field of geotechnical and structural monitoring and its strong expertise in advanced satellite SAR data analysis.

Gli argomenti principali trattati nel corso sono i seguenti: Multi-temporal assessment of landslides state of activity has been performed basing on geomorphological evidence criteria and past ground displacement measurements obtained by A-DInSAR. Ground effects triggered by the 24th AugustMw 6. Concetti base e Progettazione del monitoraggio; Metodi di Monitoraggio a Contatto; Metodi di Interfeormetria da Remoto; Monitoraggio Vibrazionale; Monitoraggio in mare; Gestione, analisi e interpretazione dei dati.

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The amplitude is the degree of coherence, the phase is the interferometric phase. In the frame of this work, two case studies of landslides monitored with a continuous acquisition mode have been investigated. The results from the remote investigation of the cliff slope provided geometrical information of the blocks more susceptible to instability and pointed out that limit equilibrium condition can be achieved for potential triggering scenarios in the whole outcropping slope.

The monitoring has been performed also after the end of the activities to test the efficacy of the performed works.

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The continuous monitoring also allowed the interaction between the slope dynamic evolution and the working activities interferomerria be evaluated. Coastal slope involved in the construction of a road in the Sultanate of Oman was affected during the period by instability processes. Starting fromthe landslide has been monitored by permanent inclinometers, piezometers and extensometers.


The study area is located in Molise, one of the smallest regions of Italy, where landslide processes are frequent. Furthermore, comprehensive sensitivity analyses and statistics-based processing approaches inrerferometria used to identify the role of the background noise that affects the whole dataset.

Cellular Automata methods were developed for modelling large scale extended for kilometres dangerous surface flows of different nature such as lava flows, pyroclastic flows, debris flows, rock avalanches, etc. Registrazione Le registrazioni per i niterferometria sono chiuse.

Taking into account that typically temporally unstable scatterers have dimensions of the order of a few centimeters or less e. This technique interferoetria useful for the support to the management of the emergency, the design of stabilisation countermeasures and for the control of the slope stability during the works for the stabilisation of the structure.

The landslide can be classified as a complex movement started as a rotational slide and then evolved into an earthflow. Understanding the subsidence process of a quaternary plain by combining geological and hydrogeological modelling with satellite InSAR data: The two SAR antennas are along-track aligned and acquire the scattered electromagnetic field at slightly different times.

In particolare, tra le tecnologie emergenti in tale ambito, i sistemi di telerilevamento Mazzanti, hanno avuto un ruolo predominante. Specifically, Terrestrial SAR Interferometric, Satellite Interferometric and Topographic monitoring have been performed in last years for the identification of the present and historical ground deformation of the slope, also to assess the efficacy of recent remediation works inferferometria the mitigation of the phenomenon.

Nuovo Sito Sperimentale di Monitoraggio Geotecnico: STN space—time-need diagrams are proposed as a simple and useful graphic tool for the design of an effective monitoring plan that accounts for both the technical capabilities of the available monitoring technologies and the specific monitoring needs. RA dio D etection A nd R anging. Geotechnical assets are vital for the efficiency of transportation corridors.



Registration Forgot your password? In order to estimate its actual static and dynamic behavior, to predict its load carrying capacity and to preliminary estimate its remaining service life, an extensive campaign assessment is carried out by Terrestrial Radar Interferometry. The article aimed at describing the potential and limitations of Terrestrial SAR Interferometry TInSAR for geotechnical and structural monitoring, describing the operating principles of the technique and presenting some example of applications.

SGAM is a program that interfrrometria advantage of sensors collecting data in order to iinterferometria risk assessment continuously updated over time.

The morphologies of the landslides are described, especially concerning those characteristics that can provide information on the dynamics and velocity. Two SAR images, one pre-seismic and one post-seismic, are acquired. I pixel che compongono le immagini acquisite, attraverso specifici trattamenti del segnale, sono in grado zar informazioni sugli spostamenti che ricadono nello scenario osservato con accuratezze fino a sub-millimetriche.

Sub-pixel cross-correlation analysis based on SAR images was performed to infer the co-failure displacement pattern and A-DInSAR was carried out to detect the spatial-temporal deformational pattern before and after the failure.

In this study, two of the major limitations affecting the technique have been explored: Analysis of the historical deformation of an earth dam. Feedback Privacy Policy Interferomstria. In general it is likely that the longer the time interval between acquisitions, the stronger the temporal decorrelation.

Integrating geomechanical surveys and remote sensing for sea cliff slope stability analysis: This mode is obviously operated in a single-pass.