With more than 50 million units sold, Rummikub is one of the world’s best-selling and most-played games. It has all the elements that make a great game. To play the tile game Word Rummikub, combine tiles to create words on the table each turn. Manipulate the words on the table to form new words. However, the description there is not of the Turkish game Okey, but of a game similar to the Sabra version of Rummikub┬«, which is played with.

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Discarded tiles are placed to the right of the player who discarded them, in a stack, so that only the most recent discard in the stack is visible. The 1 can be used as the lowest tile, below the 2, or as the highest tile, above rummkkub 13, but not both at once.

Rummikub | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

There are number tiles in the game valued 1 to 13 in four different colors, two copies of each and two jokers. When a player wins with seven pairseach other player loses 4 points. Retrieved 9 October All tiles in play must instducciones arranged in sets of at least three tiles.

This face up tile determines the “joker” insfrucciones for the game – a wild tile that can be used to represent other tiles to complete a combination. The number tiles range in value from one to thirteen in four colors black, green, blue and red.

If the selected tile is a false joker, it is returned to the selected rummiku and the second throw of the die is repeated until a numbered tile is selected.


Sometimes, what had been imagined in the mind to be possible, turns out not to be, leaving the table in an illegal state. A run el consists of three or more consecutive tiles of the same colour.

One 6-sided die is used during the distribution of tiles. When you first sit down to play Rummikub two to four players are recommendedyou’ll dump the numbered, multi-colored tiles on the table face-down. If you have a winning hand, then you can end the play by exposing all 14 of your tiles after discarding. It is a red 4, so red 5’s will be jokers for this deal.

Vatikan is played with two decks of cards and one joker per player, thus making cards for two players. You take a six from your rack and create a 4, 5, 6 run and make the remaining 6, 7, 8 its own run.

Each player draws and reveals one tile.

How Rummikub Works

An important feature of the game is that players can work with the tiles that have already been played. Variations Some play that any player whose score reaches zero or less leaves the game, but the other players continue to play.

El vendedor asume toda la responsabilidad de este anuncio. These tiles can be used to represent any tile the holder desires, in order to complete a set or run. When a player wins by discarding a jokereach other player loses 4 points. If the player cannot or chooses not to play any tiles, they must pick a tile randomly from the pool and add it to their rack.

For a player’s first move, they must play a set or sets in some versions with a value of at least 21 points. She then threw a 2, and took the second tile from the bottom of the selected stack and placed it on top.


The false jokers are not wild – they are used only to represent the tiles that have become jokers. The faces of the tiles are numbered from 1 to 13, with the numbers printed in various colours.

The object of the game is to place all your tiles on the table as part of a set. Players have innstrucciones or 16 tiles initially and take turns putting down tiles from their racks into sets instrucciines or runs of at least three, drawing a tile if they cannot play.

Views Read Edit View history. Another type of winning hand consists seven pairs. A 1 may not follow a Now the player to the dealer’s right receives the whole of rumikub next stack, but the player sitting opposite the dealer is given only the top 4 tiles of the following stack.

The Rules of Rummikub – How Rummikub Works | HowStuffWorks

The two players with the highest scores at that time are the winners and the two with the lowest scores are the losers. It is convenient to have at least six in front of the dealer, but this makes no real difference to the game. The dealer now throws the die twice. The dealer places the single remaining tile on top of this selected stack. Now the player to the dealer’s right begins the play by discarding one tile, face up.