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Currently, only the latter rule is supported. Step 5 Query and set the SBC negotiation capability. Figure shows the HARQ processing flow chart in the user plane.

Variable — Maximum sustaining rate: The scanning process is stopped when any of the following conditions is met: Purpose The automatic discovery feature effectively simplifies local maintenance of the BSs. Huzwei value range of this parameter is subject to restrictions due to the huxwei capabilities of the air interface and R6 interface.

Closed-loop power control is further classified into inner-loop power control and outer- loop power control. On a WiMAX network, QoS ensures that users obtain expected service levels in terms of the packet loss rate, delay, jitter, and bandwidth.

Although only one antenna can huawie demodulate data, such configuration is not recommended because the performance is poor. System will be exit!.

Downlink A downlink is a channel on which data is transmitted from the BS to the terminal.


The value of this parameter should be set according to the actual situations. It addresses many problems, for example, how to guarantee the service QoS, wiax utility rate, and user fairness in the scenarios such as fixed transmission bandwidth, dynamically changing bandwidth, branching transmission, and load balance.

Keyboard Operations The keyboard operations that may be found in this document are defined as follows.

Original HUAWEI DBS3900 GSM Base Station IEEE 802.16e CE

The service flow can also send requests for bandwidth in a manner of competition. Conventions Symbol Conventions The symbols that may be found in this document are defined as follows.

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When the network is congested, QoS guarantees reliable data transmission of important services and ensures efficient use of network resources. The MS obtains the information of aimax BSs through scanning.

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In the latest IEEE Distributed Base Stations enable radio access for small to large eLTE wireless private networks that provide services such as video surveillance, data acquisition, and data transmission.

This dbs3900 is known as a handover, which is a major function enabling mobility management in wireless communications.

DBS WiMAX Feature Configuration Guide | Panku Singh –

Step 2 to step 6 of the following configuration steps are not in a particular sequence. Matrix B cannot provide diversity gain. The MS itself can also initiate handovers.

Step 4 Query and set the iCSD switch. Huawei Global – English. For hyawei channels like the Preamble, two-antenna CDD transmission can be adopted.


Contrasts the field to be full, you may delete the product successor that does not need to add! On the downlink, bandwidth is allocated according to the data amount but cannot exceed the maximum sustained traffic rate.

Huawei DBS WiMAX Archives – HUAWEI Mobile Core Network, OSN-Optical, Wireless Reseller

For example, you need to configure transmission admission control. Network Model Figure shows the network model of the idle mode feature. Each scheduling type supports different typical services, as listed in Table China 6 ieee China our ieee China ieee radio.

Procedure l Activate MS-initiated handovers. Idle Mode Exiting After the Timer Expires Figure shows the idle mode exiting process after the management resource holding timer expires. The QoS mechanism specifies the association between data packets on the Dbs39000 layer and a connection-oriented service flow.

Huawei DBS3900 WiMAX

A PG is a logical group composed by multiple BSs. Change password No account? The number of admitted users is limited with the aim of guaranteeing the quality of ongoing services. To make the huawsi configurations, run the following command: The receiver buffers the received data and forwards the data to users at normal rates. At this time, the DHCP already can provide services.