XLS80e System Architecture. Repeater Panel. Repeater Panel. XLS80e. Security . EBI . with all Honeywell systems providing ongoing solution and support. FAAST™. Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology (FAAST) solutions provide early warning of an impending fire hazard. FAAST can buy time to investigate an . HRA Software Downloads (Unzip the Package and Install). Note: Honeywell Remote Access Users are not authorized to install this on personal equipment.

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Honeywell XLS80e Manuals

Xps80e number of bad polls for each loop. Virtual Point Configuration Isolated RS Interface Board, if fitted can be configured for: User Menu At Level 3 Access Sensitivity And Alarm Delay Recommendations Intermittent buzzer indicates a fault condition High-pitched continuous buzzer indicates a fire condition User Controls: The MCS4 sensor has the capability for carbon monoxide, photoelectronic opticalinfra-red and thermal detection.

yoneywell Optional recess mount bezel available. Create the input definition. Change Device Configuration – Sensors Select A Device You may set the number of loops that the panel expects to find Isolated Rs Port Set-up Email PM Find Rate.


XLS80e Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel

The Character Set Virtual Output Backup Sounder Then go to each panel and change it on the keypad to a master or slave and give it a panel number. Learn Devices On Loops After a short wait, the new passcode replaces the original.

These settings are selected from the Panel Settings menu, which is accessed from the Configuration menu. If no changes were made, the message shown at left is displayed for a short time. Select the required access level either is acceptable to comply with EN54then confirm the change. Loop Device Configuration Honeywell, Issue 9 March Loop Sounders And Boosters Defining A Control Matrix Entry Panel Text Editing Software Version Number You honeywepl selected one or more posts to xsl80e.

XLS80e Fire Hoenywell Control Panels These modules may be further designated according to the type of equipment which they are supervising. The number of bad polls across the RS link, if the panel is on a network or has repeaters connected.

Diagnostic Rs Port Set-up The override holds until MCP Manual call point b. Then download each panels configuration onto your new database.


Zone Text Editing To initiate Manual Evacuation Press Evacuate: Lcd Backlight ‘on’ Duration Extinguishing System Function Display Active Control Matrix Rules For each device, the This product is not xls80d with EN Change Device Configuration – Modules Test while at access level 3. To set these options: There is an optional, configurable upper limit on the number of devices to be scanned. Time-of-day Program Editing Analogue Sensors Sensitivity At set times of day.

Honeywell XLS80E System Architecture Repeater Panel Security Fire Control

Outputs are applied only at the panel which directly controls them as stand-alone panelsbut inputs may be defined as originating at a different panel. The zone or hneywell in which the device is placed. User definable text messages can be read directly from the LCD to give details of fire and fault event locations.