: Honey, Baby, Sweetheart (): Deb Caletti: Books. Honey, Baby, Sweetheart and millions of other books are available for instant. HONEY, BABY, SWEETHEART is about finding yourself and Deb Caletti, author of THE QUEEN OF EVERYTHING, once again comes. Honey, Baby, Sweetheart by Deb Caletti – It is summer in the Northwest town of Nine Mile Falls, and sixteen-year-old Ruby McQueen, ordinarily dubbed The.

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More than the glimpse of my coat flying out behind me as I escape out the school doors toward home.

I walked past the dweetheart of cars that were always parked in front of the school—active, mud-splattered cars and trucks. It’s a shame I lost my way in this story by confusion and boredom in parts as I think that made me feel less connected to Ruby, you know? Star ratings in green are reader reviews.

I liked how Ruby learned to a lesson and became a stronger character. This is the very first book I’ve picked up from Deb Caletti’s collection. Her mother is calftti great role. What I liked most was the love and self discovery in this book.

Paragliders leap from Moon Point in numbers that are almost mystical—thirty-five at one count, soaring like brilliant butterflies and floating so close to the road before they land that if you ever drive past in a convertible, you worry that a sudden, unexpected passenger might drop in.

Ruby thinks that because age loves him she can’t be who she is.

HONEY, BABY, SWEETHEART by Deb Caletti | Kirkus Reviews

Jun 16, Brandy Painter rated it really liked it Shelves: Ruby begins to get pulled in the drama of seniors. By clicking on “Submit” you agree that you have read and agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. I have read other novels by Deb Caletti and I have found them not only intensely satisfying but also very emotionally riveting.


This is actually acknowledged by the characters themselves in a joking way which made it easier to swallow. So we filled in the details on our own. I love all the sweetheadt characters they were so real and well created I’m quite sure caaletti is one of my favorite books ever.

Deb Caletti is an award winning author and National Book Award sweetyeart. Ruby’s errant behavior made me contemplate about sweetjeart I would raise my own daughter to become more responsible, how to act accordingly when faced with a particular situation, how to weigh her options before deciding on anything.

My own childhood was very quiet and uneventful, as far as I can recall, as life was more simple way back. All were greatly written and someone you could relate too. Sign up and get a free eBook! Jan 23, Shannon rated it really liked it. Read on for more about Merrie and her book, an excerpt, plus an giveaway!

Honey, Baby, Sweetheart: Excerpt « Deb Caletti

Ruby and her mom learned to protect each other. When Ruby and her family become invovled in a complicated mission to help Lillian, an elderly woman and fellow book-club member, unite with her true love, Ruby gets a lesson in more than just love.

One of the members of the book club, an elderly woman recently debilitated by a stroke, turns out to be the real-life love of an author whose book they are studying. The main characters daughter, mother, and teenage-bad-boy-love-interest are interesting and you want to know more about them. Though his motivation remains elusive; why would he steal when he’s already so rich?


She has been through a lot and shows Ruby what love re What I liked most was the love and self discovery in this book. The magnetism and idiocy of the boys and the addictive results of that I was on the line about whether to add this book to the “enjoyably bad” shelf, since I couldn’t decide if it was actually bad.

Ruby falls in love with the rich, stunning, daredevil, Travis Becker. I went into it with skeptism because the person who recommended the book to me loves stories where one of reb lovers in a relationship dies at the end and I hate those sorts of stories.


If you like a book about self-discovery, adventure and love read this hoeny Ruby has a lot of growth and it is awesome to see a character actually change and see the world from a different perspective as opposed to staying the same.

Good thing Goodreads has a feature where you can add your favorite quotes in a book. I recommend swsetheart book especially There is something special about the winds there, how they whip down from Mount Solitude and swirl back up again.

Old Anna Bee, one of the Casserole Queens, told me the same thing once, that there was more to me. She lives with her family in Seattle.