März Wann wurde der Brief geschrieben? Wer war Hugo von Hofmannsthal? Wer war Francis Bacon? Was beinhaltet der Brief? Wie wird die. by Aaron Steiner. “The Letter of Lord Chandos” is a fictional letter written by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. The work was published under the title “Ein Brief” (“A. Long recognized as one of the defining texts of literary Modernism, Hofmannsthal’s “Ein Brief” (“The Letter of Lord Chandos”) remains a very.

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However, these moments are brief in nature and once they have passed Chandos is incapable of expressing the insight he uncovered moments before. This affair has turned out well or ill for this or that person; Sheriff N.

I would like, if it only were permitted me, to squeeze into the closing words of this, the last letter I expect I will write to Francis Bacon, all the love and gratitude, all the boundless admiration which I bear in my heart for the one who has done the most for my spirit—the foremost Englishman of my time—and which I will continue to bear in my heart until death makes it burst.

He was counted among the Young Vienna literary circle from early on, joining the ranks of Arthur Schnitzler and Gerhard Hauptmann, among others. Towards evening I had gone off for a ride and, as you can imagine, thought no more about it.

There is admittedly something Chandos-like about these interpreta- tions that make texts into hieroglyphs that decode other hieroglyphic texts. On excuses, see also J. Albansin order to excuse himself for his complete abandonment of literary activity [um sich…zu entschuldigen].

But, my cnandos friend, worldly ideas also evade me in a like manner. University of Chicago Press, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Through the harmony of their clearly defined and orderly ideas I hoped to regain my health. With these I meant to combine the brilliant maxims and reflections from classical and Italian works, and anything else of intellectual adornment that appealed to me in books, in manuscripts or conversations; the arrangement, moreover, of particularly beautiful festivals and pageants, strange crimes and cases of madness, descriptions of the greatest and most characteristic architectural monuments in the Netherlands, in France and Italy; and many other things.


It is in the form of a letter dated August from a writer named Lord Philip Chandos a fictional character to Francis Baconand describes Chandos’s crisis of language.

The Letter of Lord Chandos

He feels Hofmannsthal expresses dilemmas of the self and of language. University of Chicago Press,34— There are few instances in all literature of a writer abandoning the forms that had gained him fame, but Hofmannsthal did hofmannsthaal that.

These ideas, I understood cahndos well: Views Read Edit View history. The task of presenting hofmannsthla lost unity that would encompass his identity and self-difference might be accomplished by crafting a felicitous performative letter. He insists on his mastery in these situations: This is how he summarizes his intentions: Denn sieh, indem ich ausspreche: The preoccupation with a crisis of language is most famously recognized in his Lord Chandos Letter.

I felt everything within me: But he also writes that these moments are confusing and do no good to help his language crisis:.

The Letter of Lord Chandos – Modernism Lab

But there is, perhaps, another way of writing that will allow him to approximate the lost and future languages.

No magic, no rhetoric will allow Chandos to achieve this task or to speak in the future language that he imagines. I cannot expect you to understand me without examples, and I must plead your indulgence for their absurdity. I longed to disappear in them and talk out of them with tongues. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.

Instead, in his writing The Lord Chandos LetterHofmannsthal abandons poetry and his work on aesthetics much to the disappointment of his readers. If language can no longer be magic, then at least it can achieve more mundane effects, as the expression of thanks, as the offering of an excuse.


I experienced an inexplicable distaste for so much as uttering the words spirit, soul, or body. Now and then at night the image of this Crassus is in my brain, like a splinter round which everything festers, throbs, and boils.

Letter to Lord Chandos

The Development of a Crisis Chandos describes the stages that have led to his current state, beginning with an inability to speak on matters of philosophy or morality. In short, he lacks the mental capabilities he chaneos to have previously had and is now just one person among many. You were kind enough to express your dissatisfaction that no book written by me reaches you any more, “to compensate for the loss of our relationship.

Chandos writes that he finally turned to the works of Seneca and Cicero for refuge — and perhaps gofmannsthal — in an attempt to end his crisis, but was unable to make complete sense of those works.

Chandos Brief

Although he seems to have lost control, his tone remains that of a master: Is it the end of a correspondence, as it promises to be, or the beginning of another type of relation? I well remember this plan.

Even my own heaviness, the general torpor of my brain, seems to acquire a meaning; I experience in and around me a blissful, never-ending interplay, and among the objects playing hoffmannsthal one another there is not one into which I cannot flow. It would be too much to possess you completely and at all times: