Anatomia e histologia do aparelho reprodutor masculino de Pomacea canaliculata (Lamarck, ) (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Pilidae). Eliana de Fátima Marques. Explore Diúlia Rodriguês’s board “Histologia” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Physical therapy, Aparelho Reprodutor Feminino – InfoEscola – InfoEscola. Aos técnicos do laboratório de histologia, Ana Luzia e Temistocles, . teve como objetivo descrever a morfologia do sistema reprodutor feminino do B.

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It is conspicuous the likeness of the images in all photographs and this fact discards the possibility of being a histological technic artifact. A detail study of mating and sexual tick behavior could be read in Kiszewski et al. These two appendices have been also reproeutor in other ticks and are characteristic of Ixodidae, whereas in Argasidae, there is only one Services on Demand Journal.

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Morphological characterization of the ovary and vitellogenesis dynamics in the tick Amblyomma cajennense Acari: Unfed and partially engorged females were employed in the study.

A contribution to the anatomy and histology of the brown ear tick Rhipicephalus appendiculatus Newman. It histologiq been suggested 9 that fertilization takes place in the internal cylinder apwrelho extends from the uterus to the ovary itself.

Mem Entomol Soc South Africa. Copulation in ixodid ticks. IV Reproduction in ticks Ixodoidea.

Mapa Mental Aparelho Reprodutor Feminino

Some serial slicing were performed femlnino and other longitudinally in horizontal or in sagittal sense, this procedure permits a better comprehension of three-dimensional disposition of organs inside the arthropod.


Male introduces its chelicerae inside the female genital pore and then ejaculates into a sac, named ectospermatophore; inside itthere is another sac the endospermatophore full of inmature seminal cells named spermatids.

Transversal sections of vestibular vagina appear in Fig.

The quality and resolution of images are remarkable because of the improvement by authors of a histological technique specially for arthropods and for the employ of an original femminino for feminine tract dissection that makes it easier and saves time avoiding technical complications. There are some anatomical particularities in B.

Full text available only in PDF format.

Regionalization of oviducts in Boophilus microplus Canestrini, Acari: Histological and dissection Techniques: Different authors 1,2,3,4 have made a full description of this organ. Assuring paternity in a promiscuous world: It is a paired structure formed by globular or finger like sacs sometimes called horns and glandular tissue.

So, next photographs will represent an approach of the anatomical location of these shown structures in relation to these conventional lines. In the cervical vagina Fig. Functional analysis of metabolic and imnune proteins in the tick Ixodes ricinus by RNA histologiq.

The minimum time required after the copula is performed is seven days. The quality and resolution of images are remarkable because of the improvement by authors of aparelo histological technique specially for arthropods.

Also, the degenerative stage VI has been described 5, The penis has a conjunctive muscular sheath that can be seen in van Gieson’s coloured preparations. Morphological, histological, and ultrastructural studies of the ovary of the cattle-tick Boophilus microplus Canestrini, Acari: Also, the sagittal sections, and in close up of the genital pore and the final part of the vestibular vagina can be seen in Fig. The structure of female genital system in Ixodidae consists of rerodutor single U-shaped tubular erprodutor in the posterior region of the body, paired and folded oviducts are in both extremes of the ovary joint into a common oviduct or uterus.


The uterus opens into the vagina, which is divided in a cervical vagina and a vestibular vagina. Morphological characterization of the ovary and oocytes vitellogenesis of the tick Rhipicephalus sanguineus Latreille, Acari: Ovaryoviductsseminal receptacle and tubular accessory glands obtained by dissection of non-fed and fed, unmated and mated females are shown in Figures 34 and 5.


All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Cells very similar to the histologiw ones form the pedicels. New histochemical and morphological findings in the female genital tract of Boophilus microplus Acari, Ixodidae: In the structure of the testis a great number of very small channels converges to a single one.