La muerte de Virgilio es, sin lugar a dudas, una de las obras fundamentales de la narrativa del siglo XX. Su autor, Hermann Broch, figura junto a Kafka y Joyce. Hermann Broch was a novelist, playwright, mathematician, and engineer. He was born in Vienna in ; he came to the United States in Hermann Broch was fifty-one years old in when he began to write The Death of .. Nelle ore che precedono la morte, Virgilio riconsidera con una nuova.

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La muerte de Virgilio – Hermann Broch – Google Books

May 21, Jane brocj it it was amazing Shelves: He even says his Georgics are useless, inferior to any expert treatise on agriculture. I know there are people who can enjoy this style, as I can see on these pages of Goodreads, but this time I have to say: Maybe I got about a half of it the first time.

At the final moment, he hears the word of God, the one word for which there is no language, and he is peacefully destroyed by it. It’s a worthy capstone beyond measure, the heart of an unforgettable novel, and a must read for the enlightened few. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. A sensitive and patient reader will be generously rewarded by the broh poetry of the virgipio and meaningful language written by a first-rate, unheralded genius in Hermann Broch.

Later, inhe sold the textile factory and decided to study mathematics, philosophy and psychology at the University of Vienna. The plot of this novel is centered on the famous Roman poet Virgil who has taken seriously ill with a fever while traveling to visit the lw by royal command.

He attended a technical college for textile manufacture and a spinning and weaving college. Not a good thing to have two cocktails at once.

The Death of Virgil

And neither does Virgil: Virgil’s last earthly act is the freeing of his own slaves. In he converted to Roman Catholicism and married Franziska von Rothermann, the daughter of a knighted manufacturer. So, there is some consolation here that the English version is as close to the original intent as possible. In he converted to Roman Catholicism and married Franziska von Rothermann, the daughter of a knighted manufacturer.


And I’m definitely a fan of the Modernist several-pages-to-a-sentence, subjective immediacy style Joyce, Faulkner, Woolf, etc Ehrmann this was just La muerte de Virgilio Hermann Broch Limited preview – I found the English words amazingly chosen for sound and sense. At the top of the pyramid I put sfumato. I don’t mean obvious bad writing – spelling mistakes, clumsy sentences or a lack brkch editing – but language that for some reason rubs me the wrong way and makes it impossible ,uerte me to focus on the rest of the book.

I just googled this and it appears that the expression is used in the context of Vergil’s last hour, who, in death, is denied to see infinity and whose gaze is blocked by a crystal barrier of Himmelsverborgenheiten.

Hermann Broch – Wikipedia

There are passages in The Death of Virgil that are just breathtaking. Views Read Edit View history. E questo fa abbastanza impressione se si pensa che Broch ha scritto la maggio parte di questo romanzo in un carcere nazista, ehrmann di andare incontro alla morte non meno di quanto lo fosse Brohc a Brindisi.

I only continued reading it because it’s considered by no lesser figures than the likes of George Steiner and Thomas Mann as one of the pinnacles of European literature. I jest, of course, but only in part. Now, I do find the fleshless union with Plotia, along with part 4, the Homecoming, to be the most lyrical and hemrann renditions in the book, but still. All the while, the narrative is seen to blend psychology, philosophy and poetry together in harmony with one another to heights seldom achieved previously, if brohc outright inventing new ones.

Trivia About The Death of Virgil. Jun 16, James rated it it was amazing Shelves: Broch demonstrates mastery of a wide range of styles, from the gentle parody of Theodor Fontane in the first volume of The Sleepwalkers through the essayistic segments of the third volume to the dithyrambic phantasmagoria of The Death of Virgil.

In this book, Virgil is dying see the title and on his deathbed, while feverish and hallucinating, he looks back on his life and work and feels that he has failed in what he tried to do, which was to create a work of art that would both mirror the real world and show how to make it better.


The death of Virgil is a book se really didn’t work for me, and I’ve spent some time trying to figure out why.

Hermann Broch

Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream…. I personally think the problem with the Aeneid is that it was written as flattery, since for me is is a deadly flat poem compared to other epics.

This totality is reflected in great works of art like Faust and the late works of Be Hermann Broch was fifty-one years old in when he began to write The Death of Virgil. In the very year the novel appeared, Broch confessed to ‘a deep revulsion’ from literature as such — ‘the domain of vanity and mendacity’. Broch’s vision of the immanence of death will probably be regarded as his most original contribution to human experience.

There’s also a servant in the room. No wonder it defeats many, many readers.

It wasn’t because of the obvious things – bad writing, one-dimensional characters, uninteresting plot – or because of a pet peeve, but I had to force myself to finish it. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Hermann Broch. Or where sense escapes us, yet for sound: After this, he moved to the United States. He embarked on a full-time literary career only around the age of From this foundation rises Earth – The Expectationwhich in the dialogue with Augustus – one that discusses the nature of art, power, death, glory and duty – that forms the heart of the novel, returns us to the world of the real, though the fantastic is close at hand.

For the rest, see my updates.