The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) is a system to measure and describe The format of the instrument is a question online test, which claims to determine which of the model’s four styles of thinking is a dominant. This activity includes an online test and an online follow up class. plan for a 90 Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument Assessment (HBDI). If you carry out the following on-line test, you can easily and quickly determine your brain hemisphere dominance, i.e. are you left or right brain dominant. The

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The Upper Left A quadrant would the least preferred of the four quadrants with a tertiary preference. A good way to integrate diagonally opposed preferences is to enhance abilities in one of the other two quadrants.

This results in text visceral, grounded approach. A person with this profile would exhibit very creative, imaginative, intuitive, emotional and interpersonal qualities without any strong inclinations for rational thinking or organized implementation.

Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument

Individuals with this profile frequently exhibit the ability to switch back hbsi forth between the two upper quadrants, as the situation demands. This contrast is often described by these individuals as a pull between two very different sometimes contradicting thinking processes. The interpersonal, emotional and spiritual characteristics associated with this quadrant would situationally be avoided.

BOTH the Upper and Lower dominant families of profiles unite distinct thinking processes in a synergistic interchange.


That is no surprise for me at all. The Lower Left features control, structure, planning, organizing and conservative modes of processing. The combination of these two preferences can be very powerful if the Lower Left B is able to stand aside hbri permit the more imaginative, creative Upper Right D to make its special contribution.

Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument® (HBDI Test)

It may indicate emotion, and perhaps interest in music and a sense of spirituality. Each profile consists of four numbers: Where would you place your co—workers and family? The opposing qualities of control and structure, contrasting with the emotional and interpersonal feelings can cause internal conflict. They ubdi grouped as above: The double dominant right might see their left counterpart as controlling and pedestrian.

In any case, a characteristic of this profile would be that the relative lack of preference for the interpersonal, emotional, feeling aspects of the C quadrant would be discernible.

Remember within each quadrant: Retrieved from ” https: This results in a cognitive, intellectual approach. DOUBLE dominant left or right profiles experience an internal integrated coherence in the same fashion that single dominant profiles do. The most natural problem solving strategies would include those strategies the individual feels best fit the situation.

A dissertation by C. The Lower Left features control,structure,planning,organizing,and conservative modes of processing.

Brain Dominance Test (Online-Test) – test your brain dominance – The IPN

This profile is a singular dominant profile, the most preferred processing mode occurring in Upper Left A quadrant with characteristics of logic, analysis, rational and quantitative thinking. Occupations that would be typical of this profile include chemists, mathematicians, technicians, engineers and financial and technical managers. Give two people the practical tools and insights to interact effectively, work together rest productively, and resolve issues that could be interfering with their results.


Typical characteristics would include the ability to be creative, holistic and synthesizing in the Upper Right D quadrant and interpersonal, emotional and spiritual in the Lower Right C quadrant. An teat, for example with a profile, can envision the business as it can be and do the detailed work required to get it there.

This can translate into an ability to move seamlessly from quadrant to quadrant and mode to mode as the situation requires.

Sadler-Smith in found cognitive style indicators generally useful for studying organizations. The secondary in the Lower Left quadrant B and the Upper Right quadrant D are functional in terms of controlled, conservative and organizing modes of processing in the Lower Left Band holistic, creative, and synthesizing modes in the Upper Right D.

My scores in the other 2 quadrants are still quite high, which apparently hbdu that I can comfortably think in any area. It is always interesting doing these types hbci tests as it can give you some insight into the type of person you are, in this case, from a perspective of your thinking style.