In Modern Islamic Political Thought, Hamid Enayat discusses the major currents in twentieth-century Islamic political thought. Although the work. Modern Islamic Political Thought. By: Hamid Enayat Foreword: Roy Mottahedeh Media of Modern Islamic Political Thought. See larger image. ‘Hamid Enayat was a scholar of great depth and breadth He had devoted his life to intellectual history and was as well read in secular as in lslamic sources.

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This fatwa, like so many reformist doctrinal texts, cannot be allowed to speak for itself, even in a history of ideas. The concept of the Islamic state, and the Muslim response to the challenge of modern ideologies, are also covered.

Professor of History Mark Finnane. For dogmatism is the rage. Review quote “This title will for long remain a classic and redoubtable piece of scholarship Now historical scholarship is poised to examine the sincerity of the next generation of reformists.

These doubts find some new confirmation daily. In other words, Egyptian modernists, in order to disarm traditionalist criticism, should have been more dissimulating.

Modern Islamic Political Thought

Enayat conveys, in the subtlest language, his personal conviction that this battered modernism is not a spent force, that a balance can yet be struck between authenticity and accommodation. Enayat studies the political differences between the two main schools in Islam–Shi’ism and Sunnism, how their ideas have evolved in recent times and how far they have moved from confrontation to convergence.

Dispatched from the UK in 3 business days When will my order arrive? In this study, the late Hamid Enayat has succinctly described the modern mutations of Islamic political thought, ably summarizing representative texts enauat the student and general reader. The Turban for the Crown: Account Options Sign in. Page 11 – We consider enxyat the Caliphate is contractually assumed by that person of the ‘Abbasid house who is charged with it, and that the function of government in the various lands is carried out by means of Sultans, who owe allegiance to the Enayat’s classic work, a lucid and well argued interpretation thoubht modern Islamic political thought, remains indispensable for an understanding of the current politics islaimc the Muslim world.


Description Enayat describes and interprets some of the major Islamic political ideas, examining the differences between the two main schools in Islam – Shi’ism and Sunnism.

The revival and power of religious feelings among Muslims since the Iranian Revolution presents a complicated and often perplexing picture of the politics of the Islamic world in the thoughr era.

Modern Islamic Political Thought : Hamid Enayat :

The Revolution Betrayed Leon Trotsky. So convincingly did he embrace the role that in Mayanticlericalist guerillas elected to assassinate him.

But Shaltut was thoubht simple mollah either, and so momentous a response would never have been issued without the full approval, if not upon the insistence, of a calculating President Nasir. In this book, Hamid Enayat provides In this book, Hamid Enayat provides an answer by describing and interpreting some of the major Islamic political ideas, especially those expressed by Iranians and Egyptians, as well as thinkers from Pakistan, India, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq.

Eurocentrism and the Emergence of Islamism Bobby S. We are again in the familiar company of Rashid Rida.

Saladin Andrew S Ehrenkreutz. Prior to his death in he was also Professor of Political Science at Tehran University where he chaired the Department of Politics.

Yet Enayat will not concede the role of political exigency in the gestation of political thought, apparently because that thought is today in dire need of the credential of sincerity.


Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. And the foreign influence is pervasive, although one more readily detects traces of Marx than of Hqmid. Professor of Anthropology Erik Trinkaus.

Other books in this series. Enayat examines the concept of the Islamic state, and the Muslim repsonse to the challenge of alien and modern ideologies such as nationlism, democracy and socialism, as well as notions of Shi’i modernism, much neglected in Western writings.

TaurisSep 17, – Political Science – pages. To enayt this belief, Enayat feels obliged to shield the icons from the iconoclasts. SayyidSalman Sayyid Limited preview – The Byzantine Commonwealth Emeritus Professor. But another aim of this book is to advance a subtle argument, signaled by a caveat in the preface.

Modern Islamic political thought

Popular passages Page 11 – Government in these days is a consequence solely of military power, and whosoever he may be to whom the holder of military power gives his allegiance, that person is the Caliph.

Book ratings by Goodreads. What Enayat writes of Ali Abd al-Raziq? A professor of philosophy at Tehran University, Mutahhari was deeply involved in progressive reformist societies, secured the rank of ayatullah after the revolution, and became a leading oslamic in moeern new order.

What are the ideas which have influenced the direction of these trends? The Best Books of By using our website you agree to our use of cookies.