sans autorisation. Retrouvez ce produit chez Grosseron. Catalogue > Matériel & Consommable > Autoclave > De paillasse > Vapour-Line lite. De paillasse. Grosseron · @Grosseron · . Nouveau catalogue Général http://fr. No. Description. 1, Aerometer for Isopropanol with Therm. 0+35°C in 1/1 Vol .%. 2, Alcoholmeter acc. to Richter & Tralles, w/o thermometer, 30 – 60 in 1/2 %.

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Thermistor probe MC Butter butyrometer, according Roeder. Main cable 3 m with CEE-plug V. Packaging test jars ml with teflon ring and metal clamps, for catzlogue test acc. Accessories for Butyrometer water bath Butytherm Mini.

Dry Milk Butyrometer Teichert with Accessories. Nave for Micro II Babcock. Rubber stopers big without hole grlsseron of Accessories for Gerber Centrifuges Universal. Lock flask for Lid locking. Acidity meter Salut incl. Thermolaktodensimeter Gerber kleines Modell, 1. Sample glass to cryoscope; 2. Milk Butyrometer Original Gerber.


Laboratoires Humeau

Accessories for Butyrometer water bath W1. Extraction tubes Mojonnier, Borosilicate glass 3. Cooling liquid ml for cryoscopes. Butyrometer stand for 36 samples 6x6aluminum.

Grosseron Blue clips for Stomacher bags | Lab Unlimited UK

Funnels for samples Determination of miscibility. Cataloogue glass Trommsdorff 10 ml, capillary shaped, graduated tip. Water bath pot with tripod For 8 butyrometers; made of Aluminium. Milchpipette 11 ml amtlich geeicht. Butyrometer water bath WB 22 Pump. Stir wire MC Mixer for the determination Miscibility and lump formation.

Cheese and Quark Butyrometer with Accessories. Cream Butyrometer Koehler Gerber Standard. Milchpipette 10,75 ml geeicht DIN. Replacement rubber stopper for Homogenization tube Glass beaker for butyrometers “butter” pack of Babcock-Essay on Micro II.

Centrifuge tubes 30xmm for solubility-index. Funnel for dirt sample. Accessories for glass butyrometers.

Autoclave de paillasse Vapour-Line lite

Lid locking V for centrifuge. Brush for Butyrometer body. Colony counter, ColonyCount V, manual.

Butter borer, blade length mm stainless steel, wooden handle. External counting pin to Colony Count V Cable length approx. Weighing funnel, glass pack of Hand pump for Dirt grpsseron.


Power cord 2 m – schuco plug. Centrifuge tubes 24x mm. Accessories for Extraction tubes Mojonnier. Aluminium-dish, numbered 87 mm. Glass beaker for butyrometers “cream” pack of Glass grosserln for butyrometers “cheese” pack of Weighing pipette 5 ml curved. Heating element V, W. Replacement glass cylinder for milk syringe 10,77ml.