Ender Wiggin, the young military genius, discovers that a second alien war is inevitable and that he must dismiss his fears to make peace with humanity’s. : Govornik za mrtve () by Orson Skot Kard and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at. stop. Watch Queue. Queue. __count__/__total__. Govornik za Mrtve. Subscribe SubscribedUnsubscribe 0. Loading Loading Working Created playlists.

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Shelf Indulgence rated it 4 years ago http: Years ago, when I first read the original Ender’s trilogy, I found it awesome. Wrong email address or username. Imagine if you will traveling lightspeed, while the universe continues at its normal speed.

Item Display – Govornik za mrtve = Speaker for the dead

The writing is more dense, with more inner monologues and more pointless words. The chronological written order or read the “bridge books” as I’ve seen them called, in between the originals? Card has gotten a reputation over the past dozen years or so for being a conservative-minded person, going so far as to judge large groups of people for their beliefs. The times go out of sync.

I am going to ask the obvious question now but I read the series “in order”, going from Ender’s game to Ender in exile so I am a little dizzy with all those years that passed while Ender was the same, But 3 years ago???


Even if my math is horribly horribly painfully wrong and full of guesswork, 3k years is a mere hardware with relativity to play with. Reading it years later after knowing more about the author and his views, I find I’m reading different books.

Scott Card still puzzles me. Books by Orson Scott Card. Ricia Personally I prefer to read things chronologically as events in the storyline occur. Log in Sign up. Have any of you read the actual sequel, Ender in Exile?

Julian Meynell’s Books rated it 3 years ago http: So every second is In fact, Card said that he felt Ender’s Game as the necessary prequel for the much stronger story of Speaker. Reading these, I’m struck that books aren’t just the creation of their authors–they’re collaborations between Outside that bubble of extreme time, the world passes much slower.

Lisa Harmony rated it 5 years ago http: Jack Reickel “Actual sequel” is definitely the wrong title for it, as it’s more of a market-driven bridge between Ender’s Game and its govornuk sequel Speaker mryve …more “Actual sequel” is definitely the wrong title for it, as it’s more of a market-driven bridge between Ender’s Game and its actual sequel Speaker for the Dead.

Gal Brenner Just Ender’s Game. That said, it has a couple of decent Ender moments. So about 12 years at lightspeed is actually more like It’s actually pretty good. I’m going to guess 3k years is nothing to what he could have sincerely aged if he had pushed himself to travel more often given he is 35 years old in his own relative experienced mrtce.


Govornik za mrtve — Reader Q&A

What was her reason for doing that? Do you have to read the first two in the series to read this one? Goodreads has a list for that. Reading Speaker of the Dead makes me wonder xa happened to Card since the publication govornio that book to make him so jaded. Govornik za mrtve Ender’s Saga, 2. Ender in Exile came much later, from the demands of consumers more than the desire of the author.

Going by the suggestion that one week on board is 22 years in relative time, which means our time is, to round up to the second decimal, To ask other readers questions about Govornik za mrtveplease sign up. Ask and answer questions about books!