Editorial Reviews. Review. An Essay by Going Solo author Eric Klinenberg. As featured on There have been a lot of big. Going Solo by Eric Klinenberg Living Alone & Liking It!* by Lynn Shahan I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris Living Alone and Loving It by Barbara. With eye-opening statistics, original data, and vivid portraits of people who live alone, renowned sociologist Eric Klinenberg upends conventional wisdom.

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Single, but Not Lonely. Hardcoverpages. The book suggests we should no longer continue our journey through life solely supporting the concept of marriage being the end-all and that being single is something to abhor.

Eric Klinenberg on Going Solo

He states that it is something that is happening with more and more frequency all on it’s on, and explores reasons why. A nitpick that another reviewer mentioned that was a pet peeve of my own: Solo living, as endorsed kljnenberg the happily married Klinenberg, resembles nothing so much as youth hostelling in the s, complete with the whiff of other peoples’ socks.

But usually age requires living differently, often partnerless, jobless, with waning health and a shrinking social circle, including family circle. The book is divided into the different trends and statistics according to age groups and economic groups. The first group is relatively young professionals, who solp usually well-off financially.

Every day since then, he and Congress have chosen to ignore the carnage in Puerto Rico. There have been many books written advocating both sides of the idea, but this author neither promotes nor disparages living on your own. Whether or not I will is still up for debate and the book did nothing to change that. You can be at home, on your couch, talking on the telephone, or instant messaging, or doing email, or many, many things that we do at home to stay connected.


klinenberf I have friends, I spend time with them, I enjoy myself. Not to be trusted an inch. Apr 05, Eve rated it really liked it Shelves: This section of the book that focused on the plight of the elderly, was, in my opinion, the strongest. His research and interviews describe young unmarried professionals not seeking relationships; middle-aged men and women after the end of marriages; and elderly people trying to maintain their dignity by living alone.

Going Solo is an attempt to fill in the blanks— to explain the causes and consequences of living alone, and to describe what it looks in everyday life. While it is not clear from interviews the cause for this, Klinenberg is clear that there are still significant social pressures and stigmas that encourage people to not identify as living alone publicly, and thus limit the power for social change these groups process.

Klinenberg starts out strong and keeps the momentum going for the first two-thirds of the book, and his presentation of solo living for those in their twenties through their fifties is klienberg, well-informed, and even makes it all sound downright exciting while admitting that it is also occasionally difficult. The Economist Aug I came to see it as a social experiment, because what I learned, surprisingly, is that until about the s, there was no society in the history of our species that supported large numbers of people living alone.

Going Solo

Middle-age adults believe that living alone is important after a divorce or separation, because it helps them regain ging autonomy and self-control. Self-doubt for those who worry that going solo will leave them childless, or unhappy, or alone.

What is happening in rural places? A New Treatment for Blindness. They are, in fact, evidence of the biggest demographic shift since the Baby Boom: Far from seeing singleness as a transitory blip on the path to the sunny uplands of couplehood, Klinenberg’s guinea pigs felt that they had arrived exactly where they wanted to be.

Going Solo: The Extraordinary Rise and Surprising Appeal of Living Alone by Eric Klinenberg

Learning to Speak Klnenberg. And then there came this new trend that has literally changed everything—the digital age. Klineberg’s book does not lose speed. These are all different things.


Eric Klinenberg

A catastrophic illness is the game changer, and in the end one’s family is the last line of defense and help. He’s clearly dropping the ball here, as the balanced perspective of earlier chapters is suddenly lost in favor of this bleak outlook.

For when our dignity and integrity require the self-perception of personal autonomy, we experience profound humiliation – a loss of face – if we are forced to acknowledge that we can no longer make it on our own. Feb 02, Pages. My own experiences does agree with the statement he made a lot in the book that singles tend to actually be more engaged outside the house.

In fact, compared with their married counterparts, they are more likely to eat out and exercise, go to art and music classes, attend public events and lectures, and volunteer. Apparently not only are women no longer stigmatized for living alone, this is a worldwide trend!

The interviews cover a range of interviewees from young affluent professionals, to poor middle aged men, educated black women, and seniors — each of whom due to different social and economic situations have unique experiences of living alone.

The book usefully supersedes the plethora of recent books on contemporary aloneness to offer constructive facts and insights. I guess the most surprising appeal of the solo lifestyle this book is so quick to vilidate is the utter lack of responsibility we adults have to children.