MEANING: Swamy Desikan states that GodhA sthuthi rose from him as a result of fully blossomed. Bhakthi for Her (Vikasitha BhakthE: utthitham). All sthOthrams. Godha Stuthi – (The Lord’s high regard for the Garlands worn by GodhA dEvi). viswaayamaana rajasA kamalEna naabhou. vaksha: sthalE cha kamalA. Godha Stuthi Tamil Easy to Print – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read online for free.

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May this obesiance of ours last forever and ever bodha GodhAiwho forcibly won Her Lord’s favours by binding Him with the garland worn and discarded by Her.

Your Lord has the Lotus in his Naabhi. It is desired by Him and hence given a prominent place on His chest.

Oh Godhai of the most beautiful and tender limbs! Your Lord is easily pleased by even a small eulogy.

Her breasts have a majestic appearance as ThiungabhadrA river. As a result ,Yamunai acquired enormous fame. He gives up resisting the appeals of MahA Lakshmi and responds favorably to Her earlier appeals. Yamunai unites with the antharvAhini flowing underground Sarasvathithe river of clear waters at ThrivENi.

Your father however took the garlands worn by You and presented them characterised by their divine fragrance. VirajA is not of this world and it flows at the border of Sri Vaikuntam.

In the fifth slOkamSwamy delves deeper into the miracle of Godhai’s KatAkshamwhich enables even great sinners to receive the anugrahm of Her Lord. That reciter will also become very dear to the Lord of Srirangam, the dearst consort of Godhai Ya: At that timeRanganathA bent His head to receive the garland worn by You and You reciprocated in the same way during the time of the exchange of Garlands. Bhumi Piratti comes first here. He also prays for that kind of speechwhich will be multi-fceted in the depth of meaning it conveys abhitha: VishNu thus becomes the payOdhi Duhithu: We offend Him and generate His anger at us.

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It is also a antharvAhini river, which is flowing hidden under the sands of the great desert. Sthuthu auspicious sounds of MangaLa Vaadhyams associated with the wedding of Godhai gorha visualized here by Swami Desikan. When he heard the sounds of Koil godgahe stepped out from the inside of the house, where he was staying to find out as to what was happening. That Lord adorns the garlands that drew their fragrance from Your curlydark hair and enhances His sarva gandhathvam.

Is it any wonder therfore that the Sri Sookthis that arose from Your sacred mouth being like the divine nectar in their enjoyability? ThusHis whole body is covered with these divine fragrances and YetHe seems not to be fully satisfied.

Only the rain cloud with lightning can yield copious rains.

Sri Godha – Sri Krishna’s Bride: Godha Stuthi – 29

The expeience is the same as one bathes deep into the Sri Sookthis of Godhai and experience the joy of understanding the subtle meanings of the passages. That SubhAsrayam has the bluish hue vodha dark rainy clouds. The third paadham is ” alavinihithAbhi: They jostle each other to get there first and circle around and thus form a black umbrella as it were over the head of the Lord.


This slokam deals with the glories that came by the way of the river GodhAvari by having the same name. These are the supports for saluting Godhai as ” KamalAmivaanyAm “. Thus, it is appropriate that You protect methe undeserving one.

Shri Andal Stuthi (Godha Stuthi)

Those cool glances falling on the poets results in the birth of dhivya Sookthis that resemble nectar in their anubhavam and cause much happiness to the citizens of this world. Our taste for akruthya KaraNam is deep. He hints that the stability of that long term state of emperorship is only possible with the grace of Godhaiwho is almost like the DayA devi. At hat timeit appears as though an additional dark blue lotus garland has been overlaid on the existing garlands there.

Both of You wore each other’s garland with great affection and joy due to your mutual love. Through these two actsHe enhances His auspiciousness and achieves the capabilities to confer auspiciousness on His devotees.