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Mira de Amescua, El esclavo del demonio, ed. One gripe, partly with Yates but mostly with the publisher: What I liked most about this giordanp, however, was its truly wonderful account of “white magic” and its place giordnao renaissance thought. Burghartz, “The Equation of Women and Witches: Analizza e ricostruisce il pensiero filosofico del Bruno, simbolo del nostro pensiero libero, riconducendolo alla tradizione magica ci restituisce la splendida figura ed ermetica rinascimentale, al tal punto frainteso da metterlo al rogo.

Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition by Frances A. Yates

Uffizio, Venezia, Padua, Midelfort, “Were There Really Witches? Return to Book Page. Essays in the Literature of Witchcraft London, Sharpe, Instruments of Darkness: Mar 11, Cat rated it it was amazing. Oraciones, conjuros, ensalmos Oiartzun, Lombardi et al, Gostanza, la strega di San Miniato: Nov 19, Miriam rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: A Study in Intellectual History, London, ; orig.

A Documentary History London, Aug 30, Mark Bowles rated it it was amazing. Yates’ classic study of the ‘Renaissance magus’ Giordano Bruno left me with mixed feelings. The truth is that this Hermetic corpus was really written by different people at different times.


Its a bit too long, but when she wrote the idea she had was radical. A Problem in Semantics”, American Anthropologist, 72, A great detailed historical study which is an examination of Giordano Bruno’s life, doctrines, and tragic death; focusing, particularly,on the role of Hermeticism in his girodano. Feb 17, Gary Bonn rated it it was amazing.

He was, rather, proselyte of a philosophical theurgy, formulated by Marsilio Ficino on the basis of his Christianized interpretation of the Corpus Hermeticum, those manuscripts of prisca theologia he introduced to the Latin West with his translations; a talismanic magic of astrological harmonization and psychological integration, leading toward Man’s realization as Magus.

Streghe, diavoli e morte.

Pearl, The Crime of Crimes: Loriga, “Un secreto per far morire la persona del Re. His thinking system was lionised, his memory system admired and his belief in multiple inhabited worlds considered very advanced and even scientific.

The compass measures divine powers. In short, I don’t feel qualified to write much more of a review. His Spaccio may have been the beginning of Elizabethan Renaissance. Guskin, “The Context of Witchcraft: Yates paints a different picture of an unscientific man, whose scientific ideas were mostly cribbed from Lucretius, and whose belief in “Hermeticism” tragic, and her account has triumphed as, in general, it should.

The texts for this tradition actually date to the second century A. Brink et al, eds. Apr 25, Steve rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Renaissance magic changed all of that and made it dignified for man to operate.

Witches, Judges, and the Community”, French History, rbuno 4, I think that Yates has a bit of a tendency to pigeon-hole Bruno’s thought more than she should, insisting throughout that his central goal was a return to Egyptianism and that he was fundamentally anti-Christian, and I think that certainly is an overall flaw.


He did not believe himself to be anti-Catholic. Jun 18, Michael rated it really liked it.

Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition

While the book is nominally a study of Bruno, it further succeeds in presenting a complete picture of the philosophical world in which Bruno evolved as a thinker. Corsi New York, View all 4 comments. Traddicion, “The Demonization of the Shrew: Some Northern Evidence”, Continuity and Change, 6, Mechanical operations were a degeneration from pure rational thought. Douglas, Purity and Danger: Opera bellissima, appassionata, precisa della Yates sul grande Giordano Bruno.

Reay, “Popular Religion”, in B. Yates’ work are deeply, deeply scholarly she quotes, expecting the reader to follow, in French, Latin, Italian and Tradiciin bur her arguments are lucid but intricately developed.

Henningsen, The Witches’ Advocate: Harris, Night’s Black Agents: In this philosophy Copernicus was believed to have made a beginning, but since he was only a mathematician he could not uncover the meaning of his discovery. The classical art of memory was to imagine a place or a building with each object inside reminding the orator of something.