Manuals and User Guides for Gigabyte GA-7N Pro2. We have 2 Gigabyte GA -7N Pro2 manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual. View and Download Gigabyte GA-7N Pro2 user manual online. AMD Socket A Processor Motherboard. GA-7N Pro2 Motherboard pdf manual download. GA-7N Motherboard pdf manual download. Also for: Ga-7n pro2, Ga- 7nl, Ga-7nv pro, Ga-7nnxp, Ga-7nnxpv, Ga-7nl1, Ga-7n pro2.

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The author assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions that may appear in this document nor does the author make a commitment to update the information contained herein.

Third-party brands and names are the property of their respective owners. Please do not remove any labels on motherboard, this may void the warranty of this motherboard.

PCB that are near the fixing hole, otherwise it may damage the board or cause board malfunctioning. Chapter 2 Hardware Installation Process To set up your computer, you must complete the following steps: Please make sure the CPU type is supported by the motherboard. Please use AMD approved cooling fan. We recommend you to apply mnaual thermal tape to provide better heat conduction between your CPU and cooling fan.

Install Memory Modules Before installing the memory modules, adhere to the following warning: Please note that the DIMM module can only fit in one direction due to the one notch.

DDR memory is a sensible evolutionary solution for the PC industry that builds on the existing SDRAM infrastructure, yet ga-n7400 awesome advances in solving the system performance bottleneck by doubling the memory bandwidth. Technology is activated, the bandwidth of memory bus will be double the original one, with the fastest speed at 6.

Install expansion cards 1. Read the related expansion card’s instruction document before install the expansion card into the computer. Remove your computer’s chassis cover, screws and slot bracket from the computer.

Ga7-n400 the expansion card firmly into expansion slot in motherboard. Before you connect your device s into USB connector splease make sure your device s such as USB keyboard,mouse, scanner, zip, speaker The CPU fan connector supports Max.

If you installed wrong direction, the chip fan will not work. Sometimes will damage the chip fan. It supports K, 1. The red stripe of the ribbon cable must be the same side with the Pin1.

It ba-7n400 blink when the system enters suspend mode. It might cause short or other unexpected damages due to the stand by voltage.

Remove memory modules only when AC power cord is disconnected. In order to utilize the front audio header, your chassis ba-7n400 have front manjal connector. Also please make sure gs-7n400 pin assigment on the cable is the same as the pin assigment on the MB header. To find out if the chassis you are buying support front audio connector, please contact your dealer.


Use this feature only when your stereo system has digital input function. Check the pin assignment carefully while you connect the front Pr2o cable, incorrect connection between the cable and connector will make the device unable to work or even damage it. Be careful with the polarity of the IEEE connector. Check the pin assignment carefully while you connect the IEEE cable, incorrect connection between the cable and connector will make the device unable to work or even damage it.

Check the pin assignment while you connect the game cables. Please contact your nearest dealer for optional game cables. Check the pin assignment while you connect the external device cable. The program that allows users to modify the basic system configuration.

Advanced Chipset Features This setup page includes all the items of Chipset special enhanced features. Integrated Peripherals This setup page includes all onboard peripherals. Power Management Setup This setup page includes all ga-7n4000 items of Green function features.

The time is calculated base on the hour military-time clock.


For example, 1 p. Halt manula The category determines whether the computer will stop if an error is detected during power up. Default Value Turbo Use over colocked settings for higher performance but with higher risk of instability. Auto Set the best memory frequency for system. Incorrect using it may cause your system to fail. For power End-User use only! Default Value Disabled Disable this function.

Auto BIOS will automatically setup the port 1 address. Parallel Port Mode This feature allows you to connect with an advanced printer via the port mode it supports. Manuaal Parallel port as Standard Parallel Port. Using Parallel port ag-7n400 Enhanced Parallel Port. Using Parallel port as Extended Por2 Port. Disabled Disable Modem Ring on function.

Enabled Enable Manuap Ring on function. This feature allows you to set the method for powering-on the system. The option “Password” allows you to set up to 5 alphanumeric characters to power-on the system. The option “Keyboard 98” allows you to use the standard keyboard 98 to power on the system. Disabled Disable this function. But it may damage to CPU when enable this feature. Disable DefaultEnable Status 1: If any failure ex. What is Q-Flash Utility?

Q-Flash utility is a pre-O. How to use Q-Flash? Refresh To name the file. Congratulate you have accomplished manuaal saving. Pr2o today’s systems there are more and more BIOS failures. New computer viruses are being found that attack and destroy the system BIOS. This new technology will eliminate valuable system down time and costly repair bills cause by BIOS failures. Most commercial products on the market do not have solutions to guard against this type of prk2 intrusion.


Click ” BIOS” item. Click “Internet Update” icon b. Otherwise, your system won’t boot. Please note that any interruption during updating will cause system unbooted. Please follow next step to install the function! Stereo Speakers Connection and Settings: We recommend that you use the speaker with amplifier to acqiire the best sound effect if the stereo output is applied.

Connect the front channels to “Line Out”, the rear channels to “Line In”. After installation of the audio driver, you’ll find an icon on the taskbar’s status area. Click the audio icon “Sound Effect” Basic 6 Channel Analog Audio Output Mode Use the back audio panel to connect the audio output without any additional module.

Insert the “Audio Combo Kit” in the back of the case, and fix it with the screw. Click the audio icon “Sound Effect” from the windows tray at the bottom of the screen. For the further linkage to decoder, rear bracket provides coaxial cable and Fiber connecting port. How to maanual the Xpress Recovery a. Please remove the question mark and restart the system System will auto-detect the right USB2.

How does it work? Below is a collection of general asked questions. To check general asked questions based on a specific motherboard model, please log on ga–7n400 http: Some advanced options are mankal in new BIOS version. Gigabyte motherboards will auto-detect the external VGA card after it is plugged in, so you don’t need to change any setting manually to disable the onboard VGA.

Troubleshooting If you encounter any trouble during boot up, please follow the troubleshooting procedures. Turn gga-7n400 the power and unplug the AC power cable, then remove all of the add-on cards and cables from motherboard.

Please make sure all jumper settings such as CPU system bus speed, frequency ratio, voltage and etc are set properly.

Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro2 (Rev 1.x) user manuals

If the above procedure unable to solve your problem, please contact with your local retailer or national distributor for help. Or, you could submit your question to the pr2o mail via Gigabyte website technical support zone http: The appropriate response will be provided ASAP. Page of Go. Page 19 – Step 2: