Fender Prosonic: Tried one today, Review. Here’s a quick review. I think they were made in the mid to late 2×10 tube combo, 2 channel. Fender Custom Shop Tonemaster 4×12 Guitar Cabinet Celestion Vintage 30 # Fender Prosonic Amp 2×10 USA made tube amp combo in excellent cond-. 5 user reviews on Fender Prosonic Combo. Fender Prosonic Combo. +. Fender Prosonic Combo. Prosonic Combo, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Fender .

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Log in or Sign up. The Prosonic’s factory manual states, prosonoc 1 functions as a standard gain stage whereas Gain 2 functions similar to a compressor, adding sustain while reducing ‘edge’ when the volume is increased. Defying conventional logic, the Prosonic offers independent master volumes for each channel, or rather, on the clean channel, simply one volume control. Is there somewhere I could get replacements manufactured or ordered?

Fender Prosonic

This applies to the head more than the combo. The circuitry is identical and offers users the sound similar to a louder Deluxe Reverb.

It developed a cult following among serious guitarists, aided by the rise of musician-centric Internet communities. All that aside, it is one of the most rewarding amps to own if you are into modern rock music. Again, this may be the price lev around euros nine.

User reviews: Fender Prosonic Combo – Audiofanzine

Unlike many amplifiers marketed as “Class A”, the Prosonic truly functions as a Class A power amplifier tender the “A” position. The clean channel is not especially clean. What a fun little amp!! To clear up some pgosonic post above, the combo is wired to 16 ohm load. There is a mod for it. Its small size combines incredible power makes it the partner IDAL for guitarists who want dplacent often and the sound without buying a Van or break the back essyant back in his Marshall Fiat Uno!


You will get a loud thunk every time you use the footswitch. I own 3 of these amps, 2 heads and one combo. Did you find this review helpful?

I’ve had both of mine modded by Dave’s Sound Repair in New Jersey to be cleaner- I believe by putting a resistor somewhere in the chain. Also, if you fall the rglages frquences of around 1 or 2 at most, it opens a lot more volume and master and is transferred directly in a more roots and vintage.

This feature, originally found on Randall Smith’s Mesa Boogie amplifiers, allows the Prosonic to achieve a versatility very rarely seen from mass-market instrument manufacturers. All-tube fejder to give a power of 60 W RMS.

An all-tube design, the Prosonic uses standard 12AX7A tubes in the preamp sections, and one for the reverb send on the combo model. The Prosonic initially fendr well, outselling the ’94 Twin even though the Prosonic had a higher price and fewer features. This article’s use of external links may not follow Wikipedia’s policies or guidelines. However, overproduction of the amplifiers led to overstock.

All user reviews for the Fender Prosonic Combo

This article does not cite any sources. I have an 8 ohm setup with two texas heat speakers that I use with mine…. Not satisfied with those reviews?

Most of these are built in the same factory as all the other fenders. Remember that the amp is trsractif is why the rglages are basic, so you play on the volume and tone of your guitar.


Fender Prosonic – Wikipedia

I know the black tolex covered ones go for a lot less. Only CS designed by Zinky.

The gain channel is amazing with cascading gain and compression. Having said all of that, I like my Prosonics better than any amp I have ever owned, played, or heard. The mechanical relay-based channel switching, designed to provide a more pure signal path, produced a large pop upon channel switching at low volumes, unlike other electronically buffered designs—this deliberate design choice was nonetheless perceived as the premier “design flaw” among players.

Conversely, the demographic for high-gain amplifiers, generally the domain of practitioners of heavy metal and the fledgling nu metal genre, and dominated by products from Marshall and Mesa Boogie, had long written off Fender as incapable of producing amplifiers catering to their style.

The second knob adds gain more fat, fairly smooth ax on blues music. No, create an account now. The backplates that protect the tubes are missing. The clean channel is more like an AC30 sound, a little darker than traditional fender clean channels. Do you already have an account? P x I do wish the amp was full point to point wiring.

Some say that prosonuc traditional blackface styling betrayed the fire breathing nature of it’s over the top high gain channel,so it never really caught on with the hard rock and metal crowd.