KUALA LUMPUR: Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd (FGV), the world’s third largest oil palm operator, yesterday launched the prospectus for. KUALA LUMPUR: Felda Global Venture Holdings Berhad (FGVH) is moving The listing involves an initial public offering (IPO) of billion. Oil palm plantation company Felda Global Ventures Holdings Bhd the Bursa Malaysia, making it the world’s second largest IPO this . The prospectus shows that FELDA recently has transferred part of its FGVH shares to a.

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Anyone want to guess? The indicative price would be rm4.

But he said there was little guarantee that the land would remain in the hands of Bumiputeras as according to the recently-launched FGVH listing prospectus, only 5.

The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles. The retail offering involves May 31 Najib juga berjanji akan menjaga masa depan Felda daripada ditimpa “kemudaratan” demi kebaikan lebihpeneroka dan generasi terkemudian. Naturally the settlers benefit and Pua should spend more time investigating 1MDB rather than side tracked. Government of Malaysia , Not many companies managed achieve that.

I don’t see what the settlers has to loose. Jiahui Foo In ge14, ph make promises, rakyat do the rest. Bee End kpo Thank You to all Buyers.

Anak president, Mazlan Aliman said his organisation tried evntures the proper route by lodging police reports and bring the matter to court but stressed the government has been ‘too arrogant’ to respect the settler’s rights. Insya-Allah, FGV lebih baik daripada Facebook, saya kira,” katanya sambil diiringi gelak ketawa para hadirin.


It only offers symptomatic treatment not solving the root cause problem. Jiahui Foo Dun worry lah, today surely up one, or azhar step down on 32hd of Dec!

Show posts by this member only Post 8. This is a company with PAT in billions. Felda Fleda aims to become a major new player in global commodities and plans to use the IPO proceeds to expand into Southeast Asia and Africa. I made the correction.

Malaysia launches $3 billion IPO with eye on poll | Reuters

Jadi boleh tak siapa-siapa yg boleh tolong bagi tahu apa kebaikan beli IPO ini? Sacrifice a bit, then every minorities happy! Nobody is interested in the new CEO post! Show posts by this member only Post 9.

Thailand legalize ganja oledi You seriously want to invest ah. They also bog down by falling CPO price. Venrures belum pernah joint beli saham dan tak tahu apa benefit beli IPO ni. Pertama, penyenaraian terbesar di Asia pada tahun Tongkarat Nothing much to expect Plus, more votes is always good.

Who are the real beneficiaries from FELDA’s IPO?

Might just go bust? For the about 1 million FELDA farmers and family members, or settlers as they are glbal, the IPO is the latest step in a remarkable transformation over a few decades from landless poor to landholders and now shareholders in a global conglomerate. Jiahui Foo Tongkarat, venturfs telan biji sawit lagi ah, be good! Pajakan itu menurutnya menimbulkan persoalan proses pemilikan kepada pemegang saham FGV yang dikuasai syarikat asing, sedangkan undang-undang hak tanah rezab Melayu tidak membenarkan sebarang pemilikan dipindahkan kepada bukan Bumiputera.


FGV launches IPO prospectus

Show posts by this member only Post 5. We sent memorandums to Bank Negara and the Securities Commission but we have not received any response, especially from the prime minister, whom we had sent an official letter and memo as well.

Jun 11 Show posts by this member only Post Arifin Abdul Latif 8th June,8: Dec 5 I don’t think that after months of ignoring us, the government is willing to talk to us three weeks before the listing. When the company bankrupt, then uncle will hang those certificates on the toilet wall, so can have lasting memories with them when emem However, I am still in.