Eustace Clarence Mullins (born in Virginia) was an American political writer, author and biographer. A friend of American poet and artist Ezra Pound and. Eustace Mullins is a veteran of the United States Air Force, with thirty-eight .. work called “Secrets of the Temple–the Federal Reserve”. The record of the Federal Reserve System proves that it double- crossed the farmers of America at a secret meeting on May 18, , when it raised the rate to 7.

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There are no moral considerations in any business decision made by these firms. One eustaec approach to remedy the inhumane, corporate self-interest creating chaos by this unConstitutional, private, central bank is to audit and then to nationalize the Fed under the full control and accountability of the US Treasury Department.

Despite the common interests of all present, the work did not proceed without frietion. Speaking after Representative Moore on that day of December 23,he said: Therefore, much of the influence exerted to get the Federal Reserve Act passed was done behind the scenes, principally by two shadowy, non-elected persons: Usually, their names were inscribed on brass plaques, or mulllins the exteriors of buildings which they had donated.

Morgan obligingly gave up his seat on the Federal Advisory Council, and for the next ten years, Paul Warburg continued to represent the Federal Reserve district of New York on the Council. Mullins’ books include several critiques of the United States banking system.

For many years, there has been considerable mystery about who actually owns the stock of the Federal Reserve Banks.

The Secrets Of The Federal Reserve

Heretofore, he had had to go to the bank and mortgage his property for that money. The Administration Bill puts it in twelve regional central banks, all owned exclusively by the identical private interests that would have owned and operated the Aldrich Bank. I refused to vote on it, and a great many other bankers did likewise. Forbes Magazine advised its readers to read their review and save their money, pointing out that “a reader will discover no secrets” and that “This is one of those books whose fanfares far exceed their merit.


In a magazine which he owned, and which he called The Independent, he wrote in July, Jacob Schiff, senior partner, of Kuhn, Loeb Co. Besides, in the power to issue bank-note currency, it furnishes an inexhaustible supply of credit money; the second channel leads to the great central banks of Europe, whereby, through the sale of acceptances, virtually guaranteed by the United States Government, Wall Street is granted immunity from foreign demands for gold which have precipitated every great crisis in our history.

The Secretary of the Treasury is to rule supreme whenever there is a difference of opinion between himself and the Federal Reserve Board. The interests of the public, so Carter Glass claimed in a speech on September 10, to Congress, would be protected by an advisory council of bankers. The t Jekyl Island group remained at the club for nine days, work- ing steadily to complete their job, for Congress was already complain- ing that the National Monetary Commission seemed to have no solu- tion ready.

Great Ref, Not an easy read however. The editorial comments in agreed that if rreserve bill became law, we would enter upon a period of general prosperity such as we had never known.

Eustace Mullins

Many of the same bankers who had come down from New York to tell all before the Pujo Co m mittee now appeared before Congress to speak in favor of the Federal Reserve Act, a coincidence which the newspapers let pass unnoticed Andrew Frame stated before the House Committee that the plan still smacked too much of the government monarchies of Europe, and that it was not in accord with our institutions.

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Warburg was the author. This was a Com- mission appointed by Congress in response to public feeling against big bankers after the artificial Panic of T.

The choosing of the Federal Reserve Districts in had been the occasion of much good-humored provincialism, with every city of any consequence demanding to be the site of one of the twelve Federal Reserve Banks. Month after month, the bankers made the train trip from New York to Washington, testified before the Committee and returned to New York. Whatever his philosophical position about our war with Germany, Woodrow Wilson did turn over this country to the worst elements in it during the First World War.


TJntermyer’s curiosity, although it was known that all of these family banking houses either had branches or controlled banking houses in New York City.

Paul Warburg later wrote a massive exposition of his plan, The Federal Reserve System, Its Origin and Growth 7 of some pages, but the name “Jekyll Island” appears nowhere in this text. The question was whether Congress- could- deliver over the American people, lock, stock, and barrel into the hands of the international financiers, and it was a waste of time to discuss the past crimes of the bankers.

Full text of ” (PDFy mirror)”

Benjamin Strong held his position as Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York until his sudden death induring a Thee investigation of the secret meetings between Reserve Governors and heads of Eusyace central banks which brought on the Great Depression of The next consideration was to conceal the fact that the proposed “Federal Reserve System” would be dominated by the masters of the New York money market.

The Federal Reserve banks are not intended as money making banks, but to serve a great national purpose of accommodating commerce and businessmen and banks, safeguard a fixed market for manufactured goods, for agricultural products and for labor. The amount of money spent in that campaign has never been determined with any degree of aeeura’cy, but subsequent Congres- sional investigations put the figure at from six to eighteen millions of dollars.

He federwl the one man of the whole number who was in a peculiar sense my personal choice.

The Independent on Sunday. The bankers were asked few questions which were embarrass- ing, and nothing was erserve out which the public might have been excited by.