PDF | This article develops the affirmative biopolitics that Roberto Esposito intimates in his trilogy – Communitas, Immunitas and Bíos. The key to this affirmative. Roberto Esposito | Istituto Italiano di Scienze Umane . If communitas is what links its members together in a reciprocal commitment to donate, immunitas, on the. Biopolitics: From Supplement to Immanence: In Dialogue with Roberto Esposito’s Trilogy: Communitas, Immunitas, Bíos; A. Kiarina Kordela · Cultural Critique.

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When in the twilight of early modernity, these categories came into direct contact with the horizon of biological life, the erosion of the common good —that is that of everyone and no one, and of no one because it is of everyone— became even more intense. It is precisely in this context that the necessity of an affirmative biopolitics reappears with a new urgency.

Like the individual body, the collective body can be immunized from the perceived danger only by allowing a little of what threatens it to enter its protective boundaries.

El Animal Comunista Gabriel Giorgi. From Liberation to Conquest: Community was understood, indeed, as that substance able to connect certain subjects with each other by giving them a common identity. Order Exam Copy For lectures Only. The more we feel at esposto of being infiltrated and infected by foreign elements, the more the life of the individual and society closes off within its protective boundaries, forcing us to choose esposifo a self-destructive outcome and a more radical alternative based on a new conception of community.

Just as the human body’s immune system protects the organism from deadly incursions by viruses and other threats, law also ensures the survival of the community in a life-threatening situation.

Buy Now From Wiley. However, despite the theoretical fecundity of such a passage, espodito problem remains unresolved.

People’s Republic of Congo. But let us begin espsoito an historical fact, briefly recalling the passage through which the two semantics, first that of community and then that of biopolitics, followed each other within our contemporary philosophical debate.

Roberto Esposito

Built on the Johns Hopkins University Campus. As it is now clear, the end of Nazism —and then after half a century the end immmunitas Soviet communism— did not imply the end of biopolitics, which espositp now permanently settled in contemporary societies substituting the old ideologies.


Kiarina Kordela bio English-speaking readers are now fortunate to have access to all three of Roberto Esposito’s books— Communitas: Lexically or etymologically, the common element of both immunity and community is ” munus ,” whose meaning is “an office—a task, obligation, duty also in the sense of a gift to be repaid. It is as if the absolute privilege assigned to the figure of the relation [ relazione, rapporto ] would erase the most relevant content —that espoisto the object itself of the reciprocal exchange— and thus, with it, also its potential political meaning.

e Essay – Community, Immunity, Biopolitics

The negative meaning which from time to time wsposito connoted the biopolitical paradigm, is not the outcome of the violent subjugation that power exerts from the external on life, rather it is the contradictory way through which life tries to defend itself from the perils by which it is threatened, this way contradicting other, equally important, needs.

Biopolitics and Philosophyin “the continuum of immunity and community ,” Esposito both differentiates himself from other theoreticians of biopolitics and “synthesizes Agamben’s negative vision of biopolitics with Hardt immunitzs Negri’s notion of the common as signaling” espostio “a new affirmative biopolitics” B, xxix. But when this happens, it is not originated by an external cause, rather it is an effect of the immunitarian mechanism itself, intensified to a degree no longer bearable.

Esposiot the basis of this self-contradictory esppsito of community and immunity, Esposito grants absolute primacy to immunity over any other explanatory category regarding modern politics, arguing:.

This is particularly difficult. Africa and Middle East. If the paradigm of immunization helps us to grasp the structural link between modernity and biopolitics, the paradigm of auto-immunization lets us to establish the relation, as well as the element of discontinuity, between modern biopolitics and Nazi thanatopolitics.

Immunitas: The Protection and Negation of Life

This discourse presented itself as a radical deconstruction of the way the term-concept of community has been adopted by the whole twentieth century philosophy, first by the organicist sociology of Gemeinschaftthen by the various ethics of communication, and lastly by the American neo-communitarianism.

Compared to a generality. Were the agrarian politics in ancient Rome, or the use of slave bodies in the ancient empires, nothing but forms of biopolitics? The first resources to be privatized were the environmental ones, e.


Or even, a zone of silence within a communication system now extended to every moment of our lifetime should be preserved as well. And yet, does biopolitics arise with modernity, as Foucault was inclined to believe, or does it have a longer and deeper genealogy? The conflict opened against the project to privatize water, the one concerning the energy sources, or the discussion regarding the exclusive patents owned by pharmaceutical companies, which prevent the spread of low cost medicines to the poorest areas of the planet, they all go in this direction.

The spirits immunotas the law: It protects and prolongs life. Project MUSE Mission Project MUSE promotes the creation and dissemination of essential humanities and social science resources through collaboration with libraries, publishers, and scholars worldwide. Art and Social Movements: It has often been wondered what is, and whether there is, a true specificity of the category of biopolitics, since politics has always dealt, somehow, with life even in its most strict biological sense.

Esposoto this is not always the case. They have to do with those pathological forms intervening when the immune system of our bodies becomes strong enough to turn against itself, causing the death of the body.

The productivity of the negative 3.

Immunitaas governance of life V. Subjects Series Authors Blog About. If communitas is what links its members together in a reciprocal commitment to donate, immunitason the contrary, is what unloads from this load and exonerates from this onus [ onere ]. In this work, Esposito offers the reader a stunning genealogy of the category of immunization, one no longer thought merely through the medical sciences, but across a series of disciplines, including law, political theology, philosophical anthropology, and biopolitics, all culminating in the the model of the transplant for imagining an immunization that might lead to ‘the immune common.