Enid Blyton’s creation Frederick Algernon Trotteville, the plump little boy star of Blyton’s Mystery series and the leader of the Five Find-Outers. The Return of the Five Find Outers, as not written by M. E. Rosson They are Enid Blyton’s characters, and as Enid is no longer with us to. The Mystery series follows the adventures of ‘The Five Find Outers’ – Pip, Bets, Larry The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat (Enid Blyton’s Mysteries Series) by ().

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InDean published six Collection books featuring original novels from popular series.

The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage – Wikipedia

Or do the Fangio twins know the culprit’s real indentity? The Mystery of the Hidden House No. Eunice makes an appearance as an author in Author of Mystery as she too holds a secret which Fatty uncovers.

The Mysteries Collection is number four in the series Five Find-Outers by Enid Blyton. Unlike the rest of the friends in his group of 5 Fatty comes from a wealthy family, and being the only child of his parents Fatty has his fare share of riches from his parents and even his relatives. More About the Authors. Of course, Mr Goon is baffled and goes after the wrong person, while the children solve the mystery.


The Five Find-Outers and Dog are soon on the thief’s trail Blyton was a prolific author of children’s books, who penned an estimated books over about 40 years.

The Five Find-Outers Series

The children deduce that Mr Hick burnt his own cottage for the insurance money. As Daisy remarks, “Without Fatty we’re like rabbit-pie without any rabbit in it. The Mystery of Banshee Towers. He may be boastful and arrogant but he is also generous, ingenious, a master of disguise and deduction, ventriloquist, escapologist, poet and macaroon-gobbler extraordinaire! Book 4 of In this adventure for outees Five Ouers and do… More.

The Mystery of the Vanished Prince No. I’ve read 7 to the kids and it’s telling! Secondly it feels like it’s only Fatty who does the work, with his friends acting as spectators.

Oct 01, Debbie Sally rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Five Find-Outers 11Salaisuus Fatty was twelve in the first book, and the year of publication wasso that would put him as being born in The Five Find-Outers and Dog are on the case! The series takes place in successive school holidays, beginning with the Easter holidays and cycling through the summer and Christmas holidays. As any Find-Outer fan knows, Fatty always wanted to be the best detective in the world, and wanted to be as good as his hero — Sherlock Holmes.


Shelve Still More Mystery Stories. The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat.

I set about writing the stories of Fatty and Co in retirement, which for me, kept them alive and I would lose myself in the stories I created for them all. Only 1 left in stock – order soon. Book 10 of Burglaries are going on and the police are baffled. English Choose a language for shopping. The 15 books in the series are: Children’s literature, mysteryadventure.

The book also introduces Inspector Jenks, who turns out to help the children and becomes a good outerd of theirs. Enid Blyton’s creation Frederick Algernon Trotteville, the plump little boy responsible for solving a score of mysteries thanks to his cunning disguises and penchant for ventriloquism, has been given a twenty first century makeover that sees him considerably slimmer and sporting a pair of jeans.