Hi,. I think it used to work with Google Drive until about 5 years ago. I had a blogpost on my blog showing the caffeine molecule in Jmol as proof. The export to web function in Jmol automatically generates some simple web pages that display views you design within the Jmol application. You can edit the . My apologies for the vague question. A few clarifications on what I would like to do: Google Sites () is a free website hoster and editor.

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Table of Contents Scripting References Ways to integrate scripts. Yet I really wanted to continue to display that caffeine molecule with Jmol on my entirely experimental blog. With some browser versions you can sneak by without starting object references with ‘document’. Also, the download for Jmol version If you want the script to appear on multiple lines, turn on the word-wrap in the JavaScript Editor; jnol not use returns.

It is also possible to save the state of the molecule rendering style, coloring, visibility, orientation, etc. Example of S3 bucket used as Proteomics data archive, for academic paper Supplementary Information: The way to do so is:.

This is not so straightforward as the former, and is described in the “interactive scripting documentation” see Jmol home page. Note this is purely for the Java version of Jmol, not JSmol. This listing gives brief descriptions of the commands. At times it may be more convenient to store the contents of the molecular jmoll as a string in the HTML file itself.

However, the user will be asked to trust the signed applet figure at right. I guess Google Drive creates the same problem. I’m neither a chemist nor a pharmacologist nor a doctor. This should not be needed except on very large molecules or very old computers.


The ease of creating molecular structure tutorials here, and their immediate accessibility online, are the great strengths of Proteopedia. Below are given the testing results. Basic high-level mebed for these non-Java alternatives is included.

Jmol Applet

Jol can also copy and paste from the browser into a text document: But the final VCF version 4. Jmol implements most of the scripting language found in the RasMol molecular visualization tool. However, it is limited for security reasons to loading molecular models from the same http domain server that downloads the applet itself.

At present there are two page formats: The environment variable was not recognized by the JVM, which in return did not start. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you start embe your references with ‘document’.

Note it is easy to lose these settings when re-uploading a new version of a file.

But nontheless it worked once you confirmed that you want to load the Jmol Java applet. I had a blogpost on my blog showing the caffeine molecule in Jmol as proof of concept, so to speak. I attempted to follow the steps used in the wordpress tutorial to try and engineer a workaround, but so far no kn.

Proteopedia automatically saves a frozen copy of each PDB file that you use, to protect your scripts from breaking e. Note that all functions in Jmol. The initial view upon opening Jmol. This gives similar functionality to what can be done in Chime or Rasmol, although due to Java security restrictions, saving to a file is not available for the unsigned applet. Proteopedia’s Scene Authoring Tools make this by far the easiest place to create rotatable, zoomable molecular scenes which are instantly viewable and searchable by anyone.


Instructions for using the export function are accessible in the im to web dialog within the Jmol application. The first one estabishishes a link to the “Jmol. I installed cmake 3. Example of S3 bucket used as an image gallery: You cannot expect that visitors of your web inn will have the same Java memory configuration as you, so be careful when using this feature.

The slide show below shows the three steps for doing this; click on any slide to advance to the next slide.

Page 2: Embedding Jmol Images

Please send suggestions jnol improvement to the email above. For longer scripts it is probably better to store the script files on the server and run them indirectly through the ‘script’ command. However, this does not work with many browsers.

JTAT Download a template for building tutorials that will display in a web browser. Your tutorials can be protected from editing by others if you wish. SeaMonkey is simple and works very well, Kompozer is more sophisticated and works pretty well, Amaya is the most sophisticated but is harder to use.

Easy Jmol Web Pages using the Jmol Export to Web Function

Instead, you get the data in the console, from where you can copy to a text editor and then save from that. Contents 1 Jmol object 1.

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