This is a new streamer available in early March in the UK but I think it is already released in Europe. Has anyone had a chance to play with it. Ellion HMRH specifications: 0 GB, HDMI, LAN. Ellion Hmr h Hd Media Recorderplayer With Vfd Display, Used Media Players For Sale in Crosshaven, Cork, Ireland for euros on

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I got a GB disk, which screws into a cradle which then fits snugly into the elion, the SATA connections are easy to push in, and the cover snaps back on. You can record and enjoy timeshift with this filesystem.

Ellion HMRH/T/V | AVForums

However the browsing is painfully slow and tiring, also operating the system via the remote control is more sluggish.

Feb 25, at 3: The hard drive does not come with the device package.

Oct 30, Messages: Additional Information Troubleshooting Incorrect operation is often mistaken for trouble or malfunction. You would need to record onto the Elion, then copy the file to the NAS. Troubleshooting Additional Information Troubleshooting Incorrect operation is often mistaken for trouble or malfunction. The networking, time shifting and recording features give the device an upper edge over other available multimedia hard drive enclosures.

Quick question for anybody who owns one already. Can I run it in my living room without it bugging me? REC List – playback of recorded or ‘timeshifted’ content. No I dont think you can record from the Elion to any networked device.


For audio output, you have a choice of stereo analog and coaxial digital outputs for 5. And, does it overheat?

I hope that this posting can prevent those that look at this unit purely on the spec sheet from believing this unit is value for money. If you think that there is something wrong with this component, check the points below.

The device upscales your movie files and TV input from the regular standard definition to i High Definition. Mar 20, at 6: Mine is seagate barracuda Don’t show me hmr-350y message again.

Learn about the New Hard Drive Casing; The Ellion HMR 350H

HMR H can also be connected to your car stereo so you have access to your hard drive while you are traveling in your car. Mar 23, at This would possibly be a dream machine if it included that, but I’m keeping fingers crossed for a firmware update! Updating the firmware provides you with additional options such as prescheduled recording. Mar 1, at 7: I think therefore the UDF partition is solely for the ability to pause live tv, whereas the FAT32 partition is standard recording space.

Main menu has 5 main options: Mar 1, Messages: Let’s hope they sort it out in future flash upgrades! Rear connections are plentiful, which was a real selling point for me. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

I have the a firmware. The device has a mini FireWire IEEE port to connect any compatible video camera to view, edit or record your own videos. Playback Advanced Playback You can enjoy the following advanced playback with your remote control while playback. To be honest I’m not yet convinced I understand this bit. Select OK to execute or No to cancel.


Inspect the other components and electrical appliances being used. Hi all i’ve ordered the HMRH, i’m now looking to buy an internal disk i was thinking of installing a tera-byte disk any suggestion.

However browsing the files is a turn off and the cost can be a little heavy on your pocket US dollar The on screen display while copying or formatting the files is a real turn off.

OK, so I have persisted with this device for 2 months now to see if an update would improve my initial response see earlier post. Mar 2, at 1: May 1, Messages: I try to find hardware that gives full value for money and also scores high in Features and Performance.

Got mine on Friday HD Support: The device consumes only watts of power when in use and only 3 watts in standby mode. Only had a quick play with it so far. HMR H can be configured in only 15 minutes including the time taken to install and format the hard drive installed. All the ports are in the back panel of the device, which also includes a cooling fan.