Triumph of the City: How Our Greatest Invention Makes Us Richer, Smarter, Greener, Healthier and Happier. By Edward n; Yet cities get a bad rap: they’re dirty, poor, unhealthy, crime ridden, expensive, environmentally unfriendly Or are they? As Edward Glaeser proves in this. Triumph of the City. Edward Glaeser. shortlist This paean to what his faintly ludicrous subtitle calls “our greatest invention” makes a good story. It won’t be.

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By doing this it only favours to contractors pocket and not existing residents. The Project for Public Spaces has a handy list and a great blog cify profiles successful developments and interventions.

Using intrepid reportage, keen analysis, and eloquent argument, Glaeser makes an impassioned case for the city’s import and splendor. He argues that government policy hindering vertical building in cities, such as zoning gleser, along with subsidies to purchase a home, such as mortgage interest tax deduction, and other measures result in more people moving to the suburbs. Lovers of old architecture will see their cities’ brick and mortar heritage steadily swept away and replaced by newer, denser developments.

And I trimuph have his blithe faith in the free market. Triumph of the City covers the entire range of pro-urban, pro-housing arguments, fleshing out the usual points with historical perspectives, global comparisons, and lots of data points. He attacks many other policies that he believes lead to bad environmental outcomes: And he feels guilty about moving his family to the suburbs–“for the kids.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. He pinpoints the single factor that most influences urban growth—January temperatures—and explains how certain chilly cities manage to defy that link. Field, Chicago does have its gorgeous lakefront free for everyone to use. Quotes from Triumph of the Ci Are you going to take them to their private schools on the back of your bicycle?


Especially caught in the crosshairs are the evil preservationists, who would choose to preserve the historical integrity of a city over turning over those lots to new skyscrapers so that we can keep housing prices low.

Triumph of the City by Edward Glaeser

It is part urban history, part policy argument. Telephone calls are disproportionately made among people who are geographically close, presumably because face-to-face relationships increase the demand for talking over the phone.

I should say that this book has come closer than anything else I’ve ever read to making me really optimistic for the future. Nov 17, Vance rated it really liked it Shelves: He does try and answer the questions why cities thrive or die, what makes one city better than another?

Triumph of the City by Edward Glaeser | : Books

Investing in human capital school, university, forums should be one of the solution considering for a place to survive throughout the time. The city never adapted and cityy recovered. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I guess the kindest construction that could be put onto them, is that they have been adduced to support the arguments that the book makes.

One of the most interesting sections of the book is its thorough, complex histories of three technologies that would come to define the 20th century: Glaeser is such a pleasure to read, and so informative too.

This process of urbanization is inexorable, says Glaeser. I have a feeling that was the exact question that Andres Lajous was asking himself this weekend when he penned an imaginary dialogue with a civil servant.


He discovers why Detroit is dying while other old industrial cities—Chicago, Boston, New York—thrive. New Yorkers, for instance, live longer than other Americans; heart disease and cancer rates are lower in Gotham than in the nation as a whole.

His model cities are Singapore and Vancouver but he writes about cities all over America and the world in an insightful and sympathetic way, even when they’re not working.

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Predictably, NYC proved much nimbler at coping with environmental change than its dinosaur-like counterpart, Detroit. So we need, according to Glaeser, most dense, livable cities, building up, up and up, all with affordable housing that will attract us to live that way. As Edward Glaeser proves in this myth-shattering book, cities are actually the healthiest, greenest, and richest in cultural and economic terms places to live.

This strategy failed miserably, as it has throughout Europe.

Triumph of the City Quotes

While containing a good deal of informative content and good ideas, the tone of the book is more abrasive to me than almost any other book I’ve read. This finding resonates well with many other experiments, which have shown that face-to-face contact leads to more trust, generosity, and cooperation than any other sort of interaction. I assume this was good for me.