EDOGAWA RAMPO, THE HUMAN CHAIR LP – READ BY LAURENCE R. HARVEY, SCORE BY SLASHER FILM FESTIVAL STRATEGY NATURAL WHITE . Not once,” Chin-hua answered without any hesitation, her face glowing as she crunched on the melon seeds in her mouth. edogawa ranpo Edogawa Ranpo. The Human Chair is a scary story about a strange person who carries out a very It is based on an old Japanese story by Edogawa Rampo.

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I may need to look up the history of such things. I miss your touch.

Actually, this particular type of chair was to have been imported from abroad, but through the persuasion of my employer, who admired my skill as a chair-maker, I received the order. It was one of my favorite and of course, this one too.

“An even better weird story with an even worse ending” than The Night Wire? The Human Chair

Included in the list of items for sale was my chair. These are often letters containing samples of their work for critique.

The sofa is then transported to the lobby of the hotel. In my nocturnal prowlings I always took the greatest of precautions, watching each step I took, hardly making a sound. Someone found a candidate for a story with a worse ending than The Night Wire: With just a thin layer of leather between the seat of his trousers and my knees, I could almost feel the warmth of his body.

Notify me of new posts via email. Like a fleeting shadow I could ransack every room at will, and by the time any alarm was sounded, I would be chxir and sound inside my sanctuary, holding my breath and observing the ridiculous antics of the people outside looking for me. I have a 1 story house and a very thin chair. Edogaea us look at one of the more delightful quotes in the whole thing:. Unlike me, they had wonderful, happy lives.

After the novelty wore off they all left the room, and then silence reigned, absolute and complete.

Human Chair

Not too hard or too soft, the springs seemed to match the cushion edlgawa uncanny precision. Seated thus in the cavity, one could remain perfectly concealed. Possibly you have heard of the hermit crab that is often found on coastal rocks. He claims to have amassed a large fortune due to these extra activities and has extended his stay from a few days into several months.


“The Human Chair” a Weird Story by Edogawa Rampo | The Sanguine Woods

That inside your chair would be food wrappers, human excrement and so on. Some of them had big, fat bottoms like a jellyfish and others had thin, bony bottoms like a skeleton. Your blog design is really good. Reluctant to part with it, he reshaped the inner structure of the sofa to allow one human being to sit inside of it.

While my chair was being loaded onto the handcart, one of the cart-pullers exclaimed: You see The Human Chair in the anime was nothing like what it was in the book. The longer, fuller version of this text can be found on my FAQ: On one hand, you have an ugly, marginalized craftsman forced to be literally subsumed into his craft before he can have anything like, and I use this in the broadest possible sense of the word, a “normal” relationship.

This is indeed a great weird story—whether it’s better than “The Night Wire” is debatable, but it feels more memorable than Arnold’s story—and it indeed has an absolutely stinker of an ending. The manuscript began abruptly:.

For many months I have hidden myself away from the light of civilization, hidden, as it were, like the devil himself. Within days, every member of the family had sat on chzir at least once. But notwithstanding the species or types, one and all had a special magnetic allure quite distinctive from the others, and I was perpetually tue the object of my passions.

Before I could anticipate what the next development would be, a large, heavy body like that of a European fell on my knees and seemed to bounce two or three times before settling down. If I revealed myself, the shock of the discovery would immediately prompt her to call her husband and the servants.

Who would dream that a man was concealed inside a chair? One day, somebody bought my chair. Could you meet me once, just once? The manuscript which I submitted to you under separate cover was based on pure imagination and my knowledge that you had recently bought that chair. I changed the design and made a hollow space inside.


After a couple of good hauls, he could leave by the front door as a semi-rich man. One thing about the room which gave me the greatest of satisfactions was the fact that my chair was meant more for the use of his young and attractive wife than for his own. In fact, there are just as many differences as in the case of fingerprints or facial contours.

The Human Chair

So the story was of the man, he put himself into the chair to rob off of rich people in the hotel his chair was being sent too but soon fell in love with the feeling of being close to people.

As it was a large armchair, with the seat covered right down to the level of the floor, and furthermore, as the back-rest and arm-supports were all large in dimensions, I soon contrived to make the cavity inside large enough to accommodate a man without any danger of exposure. Believe it or not, many of the events that take place in this world are beyond full understanding. But how could I signal to her? Of course, it was a strange sort of existence.

I reached the point where I felt that if only they knew I was there, they would fall in love with me too. Only one who has actually experienced it will be able to vouch for the thrills edofawa the joys it provides.

Gradually I juman to want to convey my feelings to her. Now I realized that I was present in the same room with a European girl whom I had never seen, my skin virtually touching hers through a thin layer of leather.

On the other, you have a serial molester that is getting off on women sitting on him. Usually women are classified in two large categories— the plain and the beautiful. Hence there was little danger of being detected.