EC/ EC 33/ EC/ Data Structures and Object Oriented Programming May/June Question Paper ECE 3rd Semester Regulation. EC – DS – oops QB UNIT – I PRINCIPLES OF OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING Introduction- Computer Notes – Functions & Constructor. Cs Graph Theory and Applications Notes PDF Book. Uploaded Cs Design and Analysis of Algorithms Appasami Lecture Notes EC QP.

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Chapters 3, 45, 6 and 7 Mankiw Growth Theory: In a well designed class, the user of the class will have limited access to its’ members, while other members of the class remain hidden, only accessible internally. Choose a video to embed.

EC Data Structures and OOPS using c++ Important (Expected) Questions May/June | JPR Notes

If you have any questions, please consult with me. Before class, you should review previous material and skim the text to get an idea of the material to be covered in class. It is therefore in your best interest to work on rc2202 thoroughly. Math Introduction to Combinatorics.

EC2202 Data Structures and OOPS using c++ Important (Expected) Questions May/June2013

You can also make an appointment for other days or time. Gregory Mankiw, Macroeconomics, ninth edition, Worth Publishers, But once compiled, constants are just variables. Split and merge into it. Final Exam — Information. Macroeconomic Policy Debates a. Write a c plus plus program having four classes a constructor and destructor and a structure note please use more than function in your program? Also students are not allowed to carry their cellular phones when they go to the restroom during exams.

Any language that supports class types, private and protected data, inheritance, polymorphism, function overriding, virtual methods is regarded as an object oriented programmi … ng language. I will not raise it. OOP supports 4 primary features: Fewer than 60 percent of the possible points in the class I reserve the right to lower this scale at any time–for example, I may determine that 93 points should be an A. In all but the most extreme emergencies, these excuses must be submitted in advance of the missed exam Problem Sets: Wall Street Journal 2.


When combined with other improvements over C such as greater type safety, this makes it possible to more easily produce highly-complex programs with a high degree of robustness, whilst retaining all the advantages of the C language. Feel free to stop me at any point to ensure that you understand before moving on. For example, instead of just dealing with ‘int’ and ‘char’ types, to n … ame a couple, you can create a new type with the ‘class’ keyword.

There will be three in-class exams during the term. Final grades will be calculated by multiplying jotes relative weights by the achievement earned for each category. It is expected that your conduct in class show respect to others in several ways: After class, you should review your notes, read the appropriate text material, and prepare a list of anything you need clarified. There will be two hourly exams of approximately minutes in length.

EC Data Structures and C++ Lecture notes Collection

By hiding some class members from its’ users, interaction with class objects is simplified. Chapter 2 Mankiw The Classical Theory: Thi … s means that you can write procedural code that maps 1: Who invented the C plus plus object oriented programming language?

Why is C plus plus called an object oriented programming language? The following is a program with 4 classes and a structure. Fixed and Flexible Exchange Rates j. Endogenous Growth Theory h. It examines theories of national income determination, unemployment, inflation, business cycles recession and depressionfinancial markets, and the global economy.


Also, the development of the material will be cumulative — it will build upon itself — so don’t let things get behind. Patterns of Unemployment l. The Quantity Theory of Money d. Refrain from prematurely closing books and notebooks before class ends. What is object oriented programming language in C plus plus? A class can contain member data variables as well as methods functions. Rational Expectations Reading Assignment: The standard template library p … rovides many examples of templates.

This not only reduces code size, it makes maintenance easier since all code is available from a single source rather than duplicated across multiple sources.

While this makes C an extremely powerful language for general purpose programming, the degree of separation between the data and the functions that operate upon that data make it difficult to produce robust, scalable solutions. Traditional View of Government Debt f. You are responsible for all such material. Regardless of your aggregate numeric grade, a minimally satisfactory score is required on each exam. Violations of academic integrity will be reported to your class dean and then reviewed by the College of Arts and Sciences Academic Integrity Committee.

Syllabus – Taner Yigit.