Earthworks [Brian W. Aldiss] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In a future where the Earth has been savaged by overpopulation and. The future Earth of Brian Aldiss’s Earthworks is a moribund ecological disaster, ruined by poisons, greed, unsustainable development and. It’s a world whose natural resources are almost bankrupt; whose population expansion has reached the suffocating Point; whose technical development cannot.

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Earthworks is a dystopian science fiction novel by British science fiction earthwodks Brian Aldiss. I read this book in and remember little of the plot now.

When the narrator is mentally unstable, the reader is in for a ride. This, of course, many would argue, is the true purpose of SF, to hold a mirror to ourselves and see, perhaps from a different perspective, at least part of the truth of the human condition.

When the Travellers are captured he betrays them and is taken to The Farmer who gives him a job aboard the Trieste Star, although Noland never sees this as a reward or an opportunity briaj the Farmer gave him.

The film is distributed by Juno Films who have kindly given us access f […].

Earthworks, Brian Aldiss | CHRIS FREMANTLE

The novel is set in a world of environmental catastrophe and extreme socio-economic inequality. By the way, I think your blog, and reviews, are excellent, and I always look forward to each bfian one — keep up the good work! Their aim is to assassinate the President of Africa eaethworks plunge the world into another global war, thus relieving the Earth of the burden of its millions of people and allowing it to heal while the Travellers are destined to become rbian survivors, and the nucleus of a second chance for Humanity.

When I asked Aldiss about this novel in a recent 3 hour interview I did with him, he obviously saw it as one of his inferior pieces, even though I quite liked it, in some ways see my wordpress blog for news soon of the radio broadcast of this interview in December, if you are interested By the way, I think your blog, and reviews, are excellent, and Hrian always look forward to each new one — keep up the good work!


So yes, most of the novel is unconcerned with plot per-se but then gives in to its impulses or external publisher pressures — really really poorly.

Photographing it with my Instamatic was like photographing a photograph. The Four Square cover is excellent. The catastrophe of industria This may sound irrelevant but the book reminded me the movie Elysium for the reason they both found a good idea, started with a good set up but could not tie this set up to a good story.


There are some sections which seem very Ballardian, particularly the scenes with Justine, a a,diss but deadly sociopath, who in one scene fills a watering can with poison and calmly waters the plants within a room while conducting a conversation with Noland.

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It would probably seem dated nowadays, although as usual Aldiss brings his usual skills to bear. Jan 17, Mertan rated it it was ok. But his work is not aldise about scientific prediction.

Chemicals had poisoned the landscape and reduced most of the people to the edge of starvation. Aug 28, Kit rated it really liked it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I read the last pages on the train from Stansted to Liverpool Street. Account Options Sign in. But yes, the entire African expedition part of the novel is haphazard and poorly thought out as are the relationships. This dystopian novel is a bit muddled throughout. No one uses birth control, sex is the only distraction from boredom, and the population is spiralling out of control.

On the coast of Africa, near Walvis Bay, Knowle runs his freighter aground; and there he meets Justine and the destructive destiny that purges him of guilt and frees him from hallucination. Notify me of new comments via email. Knowle Noland is a cargo ship captain with a problem.


Shortly afterwards he wrote his first work of science fiction and soon gained international recognition. Noland is the Captain of the Trieste Star, a ship which transports sand from the African coast to England. Finally, Aldiss employs the best SF literary frame for my tastes: He reused the title to describe some of his works, based on natural materials like earth and rocks, and infused with his ideas about entropy and environmental catastrophe.

Earthworos, lack of food, war, pollution, aldisss, blah, blah Aldiss Limited preview – By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Eartbworks Policy. Nolan narrates his tale resurrecting the art of writing in a series of flashbacks.

The ship is wrecked on a remote coast in Africa; and he becomes a key player in a political adventure that might save the world earghworks at enormous human cost. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Stellenweise durch die Wahnvorstellungen des Protagonisten etwas verworren, sonst aber ein recht solider dystopischer SF. It amazes me that anyone thought such a novel could be suitable for children. I really find Aldiss a great idea man and I absolutely love this theme in science fiction. The can-do spirit that informed SF from the first half of the 20th century is nowhere This is the sort of book that illustrates why I stopped reading SF published after about or so.

Cover of first edition hardcover. Views Read Edit View history. Justine, whom he subsequently meets, tells him that this phantom appears when he is close to death.

I agree with most of your points, regarding this novel, Joachim.