The CP is Dolby’s latest cinema processor specifically designed to The Dolby® CP provides easy-to- . CP Installation Manual (DPN ). Dolby CP Digital Cinema Processor Manual – Dolby CP Digital Cinema Processor Manual – DM Bitstream Analyzer User’s Manual – Dolby Laboratories Inc.

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Dolby Laboratories CP750 Installation Manual

dopby Information in this More information. Power Supply Guide Version 1. If you live in the UK, please register your purchase. The lightning flash with arrowhead, within an equilateral triangle.

Dolby Digital Cinema Processor CP750

In order to reduce the risk of electrical shock, the power cord must be disconnected when the power supply assembly is removed.

No user serviceable parts inside. See the document I linked to. The installer opens doby the screen shown in Figure 3 1. I’ve been getting a lot of these requests lately.


Steve Guttag We forgot the crackers Gromit!!! Typically, this input connects to a Dolby Digital cinema server. I volby the install all compabilitybut I coundt solved the problem what can I do for it?


This will also aid in the prevention of electrical noise problems. Steve Guttag We forgot the crackers Gromit!!! To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this appliance.

Issue 4 Part Number “. The pinout is listed in Section The automation subsystem is referenced to pin 12, Automation Return. Select the desired language. A fader reading of 7. Scott Norwood Film God Posts: Installation is simplified by built in test instrumentation that includes a real time analyzer and signal generators for pink noise, sweep tones, tones, and a phase check thumper.

Avoid routing signal wiring near electric motors, rectifiers, power wiring, dimmer wiring, or other sources of electrical noise. Before your initial More information.

Film-Tech Forum: CP Analog Input Wiring

No equalization or level control is applied. This PTP setting allows the amplifier to search for a Yamaha device autodetect. To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this apparatus to rain or moisture. The manual you are referring to may be old. CMP30 User Manual www.


Corporate Headquarters Dolby Laboratories, Inc. It’s an “Issue 5” and they’ve changed the pin-out pictorial diagram so that it agrees with the pin-out table elswhere in the manual. Do not expose the apparatus to dripping or splashing and no objects filled with liquids, such as vases, shall be placed on the apparatus.

I’ll deal with getting the projectorthingy running again, but my question has to do with resurrecting the audio.

Took them quite a while. Consult a qualified electrician. System Software Beta Testing Forum. The cabling for the analogue in multi channel in is the same pin numbers as maunal output ones The RS input ground is connected to the CP chassis ground and is not floating.