Preferred Citation: Dodds, Eric R. The Greeks and the Irrational. Berkeley: University of California Press, c!, printing : The Greeks and the Irrational (Sather Classical Lectures) ( ): Eric R. Dodds: Books. E. R. DODDS. The Greeks and the Irrational. Berkeley and Los. Angeles, University of California Press, Pp. ix + $ (Sather Classical Lectures.

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For in the Iliad heroism does not bring happiness; its sole, and sufficient, reward is fame. I suggest everyone should read chapter 2 on shame- versus guilt-culture, as well as the excellent concluding chapter “Fear of Irrationwl. Sometimes, it is true, he will answer in his sleep; once he stretches out his arms to embrace the dream-figure.

The Greeks and the Irrational by Eric R. Dodds – Paperback – University of California Press

And in irrrational, of the major Olympians, perhaps only Athena inspired an emotion that could reasonably be described as love. Return to Book Page.

By the writers of this age divine phthonos is sometimes, though not always, moralised as nemesis”righteous indignation. A great deal of discussion about society and whether it can survive such questioning. It is at any rate highly stylised, as the recurrent formulae show.

From this religious “retreat” he emerges with the power, real or assumed, 1 – of passing at will into a state of mental dissociation. My irragional concern is not with the dream-experience of the Greeks, but with the Greek attitude to dream-experience. Before approaching Plato’s four “divine” types, I must first say something about his general distinction between “divine” madness and the ordinary kind which is caused by disease.

The Greeks and the Irrational

We may doubt if any such distinction irrayional drawn in earlier times. Preface to Plato Eric A. There are a number of passages in Homer in which unwise and unaccountable conduct is attributed to ateor described by the cognate verb aasasthaiwithout explicit reference to divine intervention. Incubation had been practised in Egypt since the fifteenth century B.


University of California Press, c!

The Greeks and the irrational

In his last two paragraphs, Dodds writes that the Greeks lacked an “instrument” for understanding and controlling those unconscious drives.

Fie becomes the repository of a supernormal wisdom. Apparently she was thought to be at once his medium and his bride, as Cassandra should have been, and as Cook and Latte conjecture the Pythia to have been originally.

Dodds – – Journal of Hellenic Studies 73 Open Preview See a Problem? They are reproduced here substantially as they were composed, though in a form slightly fuller than that in which they were delivered.

Jul 09, Manny marked it as to-read. Gods may appear at times in human form, men may share at times in the hreeks attribute of power, but in Homer there is nevertheless no real blurring of the sharp line which separates humanity irratjonal deity. The other is the characteristic archaic doctrine: From the outset she spoke in a hoarse voice, as if distressed, and appeared to be filled with “a dumb and evil spirit “; – nad finally she rushed screaming towards the door and fell to the ground, whereupon all those present, and even the Prophetesfled in terror.

A book on a somewhat loose and heterogeneous collection of concepts.

Full text of “E. R. Dodds The Greeks And The Irrational”

It was here that the new religious pattern made its fateful contribution: Nilsson is also, I believe, right in holding that experiences of this sort played a part— along with other elements, such as the Minoan tradition of protecting goddesses— in building up that machinery of physical intervention to which Homer resorts so constantly and, to our thinking, often so superfluously.


In that condition he is not thought, like the Pythia or like a modern medium, to be possessed by an alien spirit; but his own soul is thought to leave its body and travel to distant parts, most often to the irrayional world. Actions of the latter sort they can trace indifferently either to their moira or to the will of a god, according as they look at the matter from a subjective or an objective point of view.

And he goes on to point out that even to-day a person tye this temperament is tne, when his mood changes, to look back with horror on what he has just done, and exclaim, “I didn’t really mean to do that! Furthermore, we know that ecstatic prophecy was practised from an early date in western Asia. Empedocles and his school are also said to have distinguished madness arising ex purgamento animae from the madness due to bodily, ailments.

You see perhaps where all this is tending.

Dodds takes on the traditional view of Greek culture as a triumph of rationalism. Oct 23, Caracalla rated it liked it. This is the only dream in Homer which is interpreted symbolically.