The DisplayLink DL-1×5 Series of chips allows manufacturers of USB based peripherals, monitors, and projectors to quickly and economically build a variety. unique solution to instantly clone or extend a desktop onto another display. The DisplayLink DL/DL are provided with a video port – analog VGA, DVI or . udlfb is the original displaylink kernel framebuffer driver, without dynamic mode libdlo currently supports the DisplayLink DL and DL

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After the software installation, I was skeptical that Windows was going to boot and light up the external displays, but sure enough, it did. Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver.

Please report bugs and submit patches to libdlo through FreeDesktop. Customers have complained that DisplayLink has not responded to In a world where multi-tasking is a necessity, multi-display configurations are becoming ever more popular. Discussion regarding DisplayLink open source code should use the displyalink mailing list on freedesktop.

DisplayLink – Wikipedia

Starter kits are not directly provided by DisplayLink. No matter which method you choose to go with multi-display setups, the most ideal method is having all of your displays utilize the same resolution, just for the fact that when you have a couple different displays using a wild variation of different resolutions, it can hinder multi-tasking a bit.


DisplayLink Certified products are thoroughly tested in our labs to guarantee interoperability with the vast DisplayLink USB dl120 ecosystem. DisplayLink Partners with Starter Kits.

Our partners have starter kits available that can be purchased directly from the partner.

This site uses cookies. The DLxx series came out in It also allows multiple displays to be connected to a single computer. To get a high level view of what libdlo provides, please see the PDF guide.

The Linux kernel 3. The PCB is compatible with all the device options in this family, and in this case fitted with the DL to show the entire range of functionality. As this is a development board intended for customer demonstration, do-120 design support, it is exempt from RoHS 2 and FCC regulations.

Libdlo bug reporting Discussion regarding libdlo or DisplayLink support for Linux should use the libdlo mailing list on freedesktop. Therefore, get the package extract it if necessaryrun the setup, follow the on-screen instructions for a complete and successful installation, and make sure you reboot the system fl-120 that the changes take effect.

This allows smooth window and cursor movement as well as support for full-screen video displaylikn. DisplayLink driver support for OSes are listed below:.

Retrieved 17 September While the basic network graphics technology can be used on a variety of network interfaces Ethernetand Wi-FiDisplayLink cl-120 to date only designed products around USB 2.


Their product is by far the best-looking out there, though.

DisplayLink Partners with Starter Kits

Fedora users can try to install this driver [1] also available as a rpm. When it comes to applying this release, the installation steps should be a breeze, displaylini each manufacturer tries to make them as easy as possible so that each user can displayoink the GPU on their own and with minimum risks however, check to see if this download supports your graphics chipset.

Or use the driver shipped with kernel 2. The family consisted of 2 products: It’s still very much under development, but it’s possible to write custom applications to it today or to libdlo user mode library itself, bypassing udlfb. Savvy people would be able to get other distros running, but it can be a slog.


Before I left, they slipped me a media kit, which contained two DisplayLink DVI adapters, various cables and the required software. Features of the DL-1×5 family are: Download libdlo Most recent released version: This wiki is undergoing conversion. Page List Top 1. DisplayLink USB virtual graphics technology is the industry-leading solution dispkaylink easy display and docking station connectivity to notebooks, netbooks, and desktop PCs.