Digitech don’t have any more firmware ROMs for the DHP, but if I could . It is better written than the DHP manual, with very easy flow. DigiTech DHP Stereo Harmony Effects Processor Five part digital harmony multi effects processor. With user manual and power cable. Getting back OT my DHP/Replifex combo ain’t going anywhere. . so if there are any idiot’s guides that go further than the manual, I’d be.

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Sep 5, 2.

Janus AlfadorMay 27, I also was having tone suck issues using the loop configuration with my preamp. Major Chordal 4 I have one also. I don’t know what the range of years is that the DHP was produced within the LCD copyright date is different on both of my units, so that isn’t a cluebut maual sticker on this one shows that it’s a production unit, making it 20 years old at the time of its first power-up.

Powering it up, the LCD screen confirms it is running on the v2. Previous 1 2 3 4 Next. WalteriusMay 25, Janus AlfadorFeb 12, Factory presets only give an idea of the potential of the unit, but depending on the configuration of all other equipment guitar, amplifier, etc.


Most Active Authors Latest Reviews. I received it today, and found that it had the original, untouched shrink wrap still on it. If you ever share any of your preset configurations, I’ll check them out. And there is no guarantee you are seeing any improvement as OS should be coded to support faster speeds. Oh man oh man, my Axe-FX should be around in the mabual week or so.

In addition the unit allows the connection by the “4 cable method” to be able to pre-position these modules to a preamplifier or other extetnal effects and later use the modules of harmony, delay, etc.

Advertise on the most comprehensive and widely viewed musicians’ website. Low cost 16 bit fixed point processors, running at 25 MHz max.

No idea how IVL clocked them as those could be clocked at lower speeds too. All are longtime members that stepped up to the invite to help out by volunteering their time and effort to help the membership experience on TGP stay on the even keel. Any ideas how I’d set this up?


I use an algorithm like the following: Help FAQs Go to top. So, I’ll be giving that stuff a close look once I receive the unit.

Big awesome new gear day: NOS Digitech DHP with v firmware | The Gear Page

Sep 5, 5. I just bought a DHP 55, with v1.

WalteriusMay 28, You can get crazy and make a hyper-mega-super shimmer by using the other voices. Share This Page Tweet.


Home Forums Recent Posts. I don’t know how the 16 bit No, create an account now. I own both as well and I’ve heard the same thing. You can also make one with the 4 voice ddigitech shift with regeneration S4R and chord shifter CS algs. Sing it, Alvin WalteriusMay 29, Do you already have an account?