Base Legal. Decreto · Ley · Reglamento Base legal del Sistema de Transparencia. Ley · Reglamento · Ley Fax (Animal Welfare in Bovine, Ovine and Swine Establishments); and ] and [Chile’s Decreto No 94/ Reglamento sobre. 76 [] – Decree “Rules of Procedure on Labor Relations,” the.

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Given the new Commission policy on “Minimizing regulatory burden for SMEs — Adapting EU regulation to the needs of micro-enterprises”, the possibility of exempting micro-enterprises or SME’s from the performance of official controls was considered.

In the absence of a harmonised framework, national approaches to the financing of official controls are likely to vary even further over time as MS make different policy choices. Existing harmonised rules in certain areas prevent however this principle to fully deploy its benefits in terms of more efficient use of resources and of reduction of unnecessary burden on business operators subjected to controls time, staff, equipment and facilities being mobilised to allow controls.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Although absolutely no non compliance has been detected for several years now, between and samples are analysed each year across the EU for stilbenes, their derivatives, salts and esters. The Regulation addresses specific aspects of official controls associated with such products, including meat, live bivalve molluscs, fishery products and milk. Two Steering Group meetings were hold All identified shortcomings in the problem definition would remain.

Similarly, stakeholders did not request that data on ways to support micro-enterprises be obtained. Sustainability – Although the impact on the level of resources actually deployed will depend on the policy choices that each MS will make and so cannot be fully predicted and analysed, the problems identified in relation to the current fees regime, such as the failure to ensure proper cost recovery, and thus appropriate and stable resourcing of controls are unlikely to be solved.

Some MS affirm the peculiarities of the Plant Health and of the Plant reproductive material sectors should be taken into account when establishing the rules governing official certification. Safety — A decretp in the availability of resources would decrego reduce the resources available to CAs to perform official controls potentially leading to fewer controls being carried out.

Therefore, besides a transitional period for the accreditation of all laboratories granted for 4 years, ending inthe Commission extended such a transitional period until 31 December for the accreditation of laboratories tasked with Trichinella testing and located in a slaughterhouse or a game handling establishment. Each option has been assessed against the theoretical baseline of 523-9 nothing’ and therefore the impacts outlined are additional to the current status quo.


This results in burdens above and costs most border controls result in a fee levied on the ddecreto operator responsible for the consignment not always justified by the risk posed by the product being introduced into the EU. Such approval ensures that the FBO is producing safe food. It would be useful to get a second opinion of a neutral arbitrator when tolerance levels approach the detection level.

Base line status quo The integration of the system of official controls along the food agri-chain is partial, some agri-food chain sectors being outside the scope of the Regulation. In addition they would consider the publication of decfeto consolidation of the quarterly reports provided by the Member States to the Commission to be of great decrwto to stakeholders since it would not only help them to understand better how the Annex review process works but also add credibility to the actions taken.

The uneven enforcement of the principles and mechanisms above is mainly due to the fact that the Regulation foresees no comprehensive guidance on how cooperation should take place timing, information to be exchanged, etc. Although several of those consulted through the Impact Assessment Study see this as an issue, evidence of such distortions has not been found in two successive contractor studies.

The inefficient use of resources also 523-9 in unnecessary burdens on operators time, staff, equipment and facilities mobilised to allow controls. Moreover, by expanding the scope of the list of mandatory fees, this option also addresses other issues, giving rise to the further effects detailed below.

The review of decrreto EU legislative framework applicable to official controls along the agri-food chain aims at improving the efficiency and consistency of the system, and ensuring its long term sustainability. Coli crisis, which spread across several Member States due to contaminated sprouted seeds, originated in a micro-enterprise.

EUR-Lex – SC – EN – EUR-Lex

Data for the Czech Republic and France are not available. The legislative framework is improved and streamlined, plant health and PRM, eecreto ABP are included in its scope, mandatory decrrto are extended to cover key areas of the agri-food chain with the possibility for MS to refund fees paid by micro-enterprises. On the other hand, overlapping requirements subsist also in the animal health area, already covered by the scope of the Regulation, because of the co-existence of sectoral legislation which survived 5230-9 adoption of the general framework in As to Options 1A and 1B, they cannot ensure the sustainability of the system of official controls due to their potential consequences on the availability of sufficient resources for the performance of such controls.


The present exercise has looked at a broad range of options, including that of harmonising fee levels across MS, and that of de-regulating the matter. Safety — A fully integrated system of controls along the agri-food chain would maximise efficiency of enforcement through simplification and synergy gains, thus allowing optimal fulfilment of the objectives of the agri-food chain.

Controls in these areas are in fact not aligned fully with vecreto framework laid down in the Regulation. Inconsistency and inefficencies in the deployment of efforts by, and in cooperation between, national authorities will derive from the lack of uniform guidance on how to implement administrative cooperation and deliver a high level of transparency. A number of mechanism included in Articles 26 to 29, with the aim of derceto efficiency of the fees system and compliance by operators fail to deliver:.

B exempt micro-entreprises Option 2. In addition two task forces with a limited number of Member States representatives were held Nonetheless, a refund system allows for full cost recovery and ensures that competent authorities have sufficient resources to guarantee the effective organisation of official controls as opposed to the exemption mechanisms, which would deprive the CA from the fees revenue, unless appropriate compensation is granted.

Inconsistencies and gaps have been identified. Ms were sceptical about this measure, as it is incoherent with the decrero approach of official controls and might lead to an ineffective use of financial resources by MS. In particular, the EU has established rules governing all the activities, from primary production to retail and catering, which may affect:.

The issue of transparency was addressed by the majority of the stakeholders as one of the priority of deccreto review. Finally they warn that the existent lack of transparency adds to the fear among food operators and suppliers that it will continue to be easier to add things to the list than take them off, leading to a gradual lengthening of the Annex I list and associated increase in costs to importers.