Micros offers: PIR sensor DB SENBA – Supply Voltage: 3~15V, operating temp: 30~70°C, Output Signal[V p-p]: >= mV Sensitivity: data sheet. DB Datasheet PDF Download – DB, DB data sheet. pir db datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.

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If the debouncer does in fact detect that a button was pushed it toggles the fan setting between 3 modes.

Smart Fan – Human Tracking Fan

The motor remains static. For our final project we decided to construct a human tracking d203bb platform that supports a fan. We d203 our best to comply with the IEEE code of ethics. The two PIR sensors are separated in the datasheeet. This can damage the digital circuitry in the microcontroller. Switching between modes re-initializes all major parameters to their default values and the variable motorDirection is set to stop.

In addition, the sensing distance is quite good and can be up to 3 meters. To avoid hazardous situations such as tangled wires the fan was allowed to rotate at angles that were no greater than degrees. This pin is connected to the sensor on the right. The chip amplifies the dagasheet from a PIR Pyroelectric Infrared sensor to detect the motion of a human body. Two additional pointers were created whose purpose was to store information about the motor sequence.

Although we experience cold weather for much of the Fall and Spring semesters when at Cornell, we have both lived in regions where the temperature and humidity is very high. If the task was signaled at a time that the platform was stationary, or in other words when the variable motorDirection was equal to stop, the task sets the variable motorDirection to clockwise. In addition, the fan includes another setting that allows precise rotation between two people.


The 8 step dataheet not only slows down the motor but also allows more accurate positioning of the platform. Thus, motion outside this field of view will most likely not be detected.

(PDF) D203B Datasheet download

Timer 0 Overflow Interrupt The interrupt service routine for this interrupt is entered each time Timer 0 overflows. We used the safest practices possible in the construction of our platform.

It requires physical effort which may be difficult if the fan is large or the user is of elderly age. To avoid tangling wires the fan is permitted to rotate at angle that is no greater than degrees.

Our project idea and design is our own. The speed of execution was datashheet for the most part. The drivers contain diodes to protect the circuitry from high voltage spikes by directing the current through the power supply.

Instead of working directly with a commercial fan, we built a separate platform that can have a fan placed on top of a platform. In that case dqtasheet task sets the variable motorDirection to stop since the fan has supposedly reached its destination.

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The circuit is heavily based on the circuit provided in the datasheet for the DB sensor: Once we realized this we in fact managed to solve many problems using software. Furthermore, ULN drivers are used to supply the high current needs of the motor since the microcontroller has a maximum current rating of 40mA.

To separate the stepper motor from the microcontroller we used 4N35 optoisolators. Results Speed of Execution The speed of execution was satisfactory for the most part. Task 1 When the single human tracking setting is on, this task is signaled when an external interrupt on pin int0 is detected. The passive infrared sensor PIR fitted in this unit detects changes of infrared energyon its mounting position.


We also would like to thank Kerran Flanagan and Adam Papamarcos for letting us use their website design. The fan is static and needs to be physically redirected to direct air in the desired direction.

This task is a debouncer datssheet the push button on the development board. The platform rotates and stops properly most of the time. Our program was written using the multi-tasking kernel Tiny Real Time which was first introduced in our 4th lab. No abstract text available Text: When the strips of metal touched, the pin was set low and detected by the microcontroller.

The rotation is datasheett if the left sensor has detected a person or counter clockwise if the right sensor has detected a person.

High Level Design Rationale and sources of the project idea: This is because they produce a high voltage spike when the current flow through them suddenly changes. The PIR not only detects movement of the human body, but also other heat. It can operating with 2 wirepackage. When the motor spun counter clockwise the pointer forwardPtr pointed to the current step, while the pointer reversePtr pointed to the previous step. The platform, using dual element Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors PIR sensors, rotates itself independently to direct air flow to whatever position a person moves to.

Then, the pointer forwardPtr is set to point to the structure with the next step in the sequence while the pointer reversePtr is set to point to the structure of the current motor step.

The results of the project were satisfactory. Mainly, the sensor output is high for a very long time, thus delaying the response of the system.